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FlexDeploy: The Leading Enterprise Solution for the Salesforce Ecosystem

End-to-end automation for Salesforce DevOps

FlexDeploy optimizes software development and delivery with real-time insights, accelerated throughput, and audit-ready reporting. It seamlessly integrates with all Salesforce products, including Salesforce, MuleSoft, and Tableau.

Key Features:

  • Native plugins
  • Extensive toolchain integrations
  • Automated CI/CD
  • Pipeline visualization of status, bottlenecks, and timely remediation
  • Dashboard metrics

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FlexDeploy for Salesforce

Discover how the FlexDeploy DevOps platform makes it easy to establish repeatable and efficient processes for Salesforce implementations, including extensive automation, improved controls and repeatability, and visibility like you’ve never had before.

The only complete DevOps platform for Salesforce

Get the integration specifics for your Salesforce ecosystem.

FlexDeploy is built to work with Salesforce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Industries, Salesforce Field Service Cloud, Salesforce Revenue Cloud, MuleSoft, Tableau and Slack.

By using FlexDeploy® for Salesforce technologies, organizations establish an automated and repeatable process for building, packaging, and safely deploying code, APIs, meta-data changes, and data migrations  from development through test to production environments.

Choose your Salesforce technology

Overcome the complexity of managing Apex, metadata, and data changes with modern software delivery practices.

  • Automation: Automate build and deployment of Salesforce code, metadata, and data
  • Security: Reduce security and compliance risks through automated security scans
  • Test Automation: Automate unit testing and functional testing

Deploying and managing MuleSoft applications and domains with comprehensive environment/property management and workflow orchestration to automate deployment and server management activities.

  • Automation: Automate build, test, and deploy to AnyPoint Runtime Manager, server, cluster or group, and Environment Modelling and Property Management
  • Controls: Role-based approvals, schedule deployments and meet compliance policies 
  • Visibility: Dashboard KPI Metrics and Project Insights for complete visibility across environments

Easily configure FlexDeploy with Slack messaging service 

  • Automation: Enable FlexDeploy workflow approvals with Slack
  • Communicate: Create messages as complex or as simple as you desire. 
  • Approvals: Approve or Reject from Slack

Simplify the challenges of migrating data sources and workbooks from one tableau environment to another, while managing associated permissions.

  • Automation: Automate migration of data sources, workbooks and permissions to Tableau instance 
  • Controls: Role-based approvals, schedule migrations and meet compliance policies 
  • Visibility: Dashboard KPI metrics and project insights for complete visibility across environments

Eliminate cumbersome code, migration and operational processes and avoid the waiting game that causes unnecessary delays.

  • Adopting CI to trigger the build and deploy process
  • Automating deployment of ORDS, SODA, and supporting Database objects
  • Automatically exporting APEX applications and optionally committing to Git, SVN, or other SCM

Overcome the unique challenges of extensive customizations and engrained ad hoc processes. Employ modern software delivery practices to:

  • Replace legacy tools such as Micro Focus PPM (Kintana) and Quest Stat, reducing cost and increasing flexibility
  • Increase visibility with dashboards & reports
  • Automate migration of all EBS Object Types: Database, Forms, Reports, AOL, OAF & many more

Gain the visibility and controls needed to manage and maintain your middleware implementations on premises, cloud, or hybrid deployment architectures.

  • Standardize, orchestrate, and automate the lifecycle of middleware artifacts and configurations across test and production environments
  • Leverage the most extensive Fusion Middleware product support available today: WebLogic, SOA Suite, Service Bus, B2B, JMS, MFT and OBIEE

Eliminate cumbersome code, migration and operational processes and avoid the waiting game that causes unnecessary delays.

  • Automate for increased speed and agility
  • Improve software release quality and reliability
  • Protect your valuable application assets
  • Establish a solid CI/CD pipeline that scales as your business evolves

Standardizing on FlexDeploy for Oracle and Salesforce ecosystem

Avery Dennison

With FlexDeploy, we were able to replace previous investments in Quest® Stat and Gearset eliminating cost, while gaining more capability.

Huub Bouten, Program Manager, Application Integration and Development


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Frequently asked questions

    What is FlexDeploy?

    FlexDeploy is a DevOps platform designed to streamline and accelerate the software development and delivery lifecycle. It provides automation and orchestration capabilities for various stages of the life cycle, including building, testing, deployment, and release management. FlexDeploy also offers pre-built integrations with many popular technologies, making it easy to add to an organization’s existing workflows and toolsets.

    What are the benefits of using FlexDeploy?

    With features such as role-based access control, version control, build automation, test automation, and deployment automation, FlexDeploy helps to ensure a secure and compliant software development and delivery process. It is a scalable and extensible solution that supports continuous integration and delivery.

    Can FlexDeploy integrate with non-Oracle tools?

    Yes. FlexDeploy is built to be platform and DevOps tool-agnostic. Our flexibility enables you to work with the solutions you prefer today and migrate to new ones tomorrow, regardless if they are on-premises or in the cloud.

    How does FlexDeploy handle security?

    Oracle systems often store sensitive information and require strict security and compliance controls. Automated security and compliance ensure software development and delivery processes meet regulatory standards and security requirements. FlexDeploy provides automated testing to detect potential vulnerabilities, role-based access control, version control, and audit trails to enable visibility and governance across the software development and delivery process. By automating security and compliance checks, organizations can avoid costly security breaches and compliance violations while accelerating software delivery performance.

    Is training available for using FlexDeploy?

    Yes! We offer various training options to help you get started with FlexDeploy quickly. This includes supportdocumentationwebinarsvideo tutorials, and personalized training sessions tailored to your organization’s needs.

    We also have a FlexDeploy User Group (FDUG). FDUG is open to all customers seeking a forum to share knowledge, best-practices, strategies, and ideas with other FlexDeploy users, impact the direction of the product, and share information with Flexagon leaders.

    Join the Flexdeploy User Group

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