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Next Level Salesforce DevOps Solutions

Better Software, Better Business Results.

FlexDeploy for Salesforce supports org-based, source-driven, or hybrid development models for an organization’s customizations. Whether no code, low code, or advanced code environments, FlexDeploy eliminates the costly manual, error-prone work involved with moving changes. Our fully integrated solution for Salesforce deployment and release management comes with rich features for continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), enterprise release management, and handling of technologies, including MuleSoft® APIs, database deployments, Java applications, and more.

Hitting Salesforce Development Roadblocks

The Salesforce platform and ecosystem of integrations continues to grow more complex and is compounded by elevated business demands and customer expectations. Organizations supporting hundreds of users are now finding Salesforce lacking in standard development and release processes—in essence DevOps—resulting in code quality deficiencies and high-risk vulnerabilities.

Take the Complexity Out of Salesforce

Salesforce development and administration teams recognize that their efforts—both successes and failures—are directly tied to lead generation, revenue, and customer satisfaction outcomes. Adopting DevOps brings the promise of increased productivity, delivery quality, cross-team collaboration, and reduced costs. Optimizing the DevOps journey requires a baseline of practices.

Version Control

Integration with preferred SCM tools to gain full visibility into changes: what, why, when and by whom.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Full CI/CD processes through an automated delivery pipeline for multiple sandboxes, testing, and production environments.


Avoiding disruption to users when a deployment does not perform as planned.


Automated unit test processes to reduce errors and outages for smooth deployments.


Performance monitoring and process refinement across the entire SDLC to deliver to business expectations.

You’re Serious About Your Business. Get a Serious DevOps Solution for Salesforce.

Recognized by Gartner and Forrester, Flexagon is the exclusive provider of the most comprehensive, integrated and secure DevOps platform that helps organizations worldwide overcome the complexities of enterprise system platforms such as Salesforce. Our passion is empowering software development teams to overcome the most complex software lifecycle challenges. They can spend more time innovating and delivering high-quality, secure software that delights users, and do it faster with less effort and cost.

From planning to monitoring and offering 100+ integrations, FlexDeploy for Salesforce allows you to better manage the entire CI/CD and automation process to help your software delivery team to:

Increase speed, agility and quality consistency

Exceed all software delivery expectations including the ability to deliver frequently, consistently, and with fewer feedback cycles.  Automated testing and deployments reduce errors, time spent troubleshooting and outages across test and production environments—including support for no-code and low-code development efforts.

Configure, migrate and track changes with ease

Easily implement Source Control or source-driven development. Create a direct path to adopting Salesforce DX and DevHub based development with Scratch Orgs. In minutes, configure Org to Org deployments and migrate changes from sandboxes to production for better release management and visibility.

Streamline and accelerate the deployment process

Eliminate unnecessary delays with heightened controls within your Salesforce environments through notifications and quality gates such as approvals, schedules, and automated test validation.  Manage packages with ease and track when and where they got deployed.

Gain visibility across the value stream for measured success

Increase visibility across the technical and business organizational teams of measured insights into productivity improvements, accelerated time to market, software quality metrics, and more.

Significantly improve employee satisfaction and retention

Avoid those endless, stressful nights and weekends spent dealing with production releases and issues. Development, Operations, and supporting teams can focus their talents and energy on applications and services, versus lower-level tooling and manual activities, doing what they do best.
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Avery Dennison

“Flexagon provides product, partnership, and vision…. There’s a lot of excitement here and around the changes with FlexDeploy. We are seeing smooth deployments, more autonomy, and quality improvements.”

Huub Bouten, Program Manager, Application Integration and Development

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Take Your DevOps for Salesforce Efforts to the Next Level

Whether you are starting your DevOps journey or hitting roadblocks, FlexDeploy will create a fast path to DevOps maturity.