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Innovate at the speed that customers demand with powerful automation for quality software that’s compliant and secure.

DevOps for High-Tech

True innovation requires sustained effort from everyone in an organization. By automating manual tasks, your team can increase productivity and rate of delivery, do the work they enjoy, be more creative and add more value to the business. This value directly translates into exceeding customer expectations through the delivery of more innovative, top-quality software that they can trust. Happier customers consume new enhancements at a faster rate, remain loyal and often help create a path to new customers helping your organization achieve demanding business goals.

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The Challenge: Delivering Quality, Secure Software - Fast

High technology companies face multiple challenges every day to stay competitive and satisfy escalating customer demands for more and better software, faster. Tech teams need to juggle disparate compliance requirements, security, vast toolchains, release pace and more, all while dealing with the limitations of traditional development processes.

With FlexDeploy, You Can…

FlexDeploy is a comprehensive, integrated DevOps platform that makes it simple for you to drive continuous innovation and deliver secure, quality software. Its powerful automation capabilities and integration with tools and technologies you prefer across the lifecycle to eliminate manual tasks, accelerate time to market and free up engineering professionals to focus on value-adding innovations. The result is less cost, less risk and greater customer value.

Modernize Your Infrastructure

You do not have to delay implementing DevOps until you have made the move to the cloud. FlexDeploy not only eases your cloud migration effort but also the adoption of a cloud approach or hybrid cloud system, making FlexDeploy your ultimate digital solution for high-tech industries.

Speed Time to Market

Release code more frequently by incorporating continuous integration, continuous delivery, and release orchestration into your SDLC. The elimination of manual tasks means fewer human errors and higher quality releases. Additionally, smaller batches of code make any issues easier to find and resolve.

Be Secure. Feel Confident.

Utilizing FlexDeploy’s out-of-the-box integration with credentials store and secrets management tools in your delivery processes keeps your data safe and keeps you compliant. Preventive measures help protect your information against breaches and preserve your reputation so you can push changes with confidence.

Gain Visibility Across the Organization

Break team siloes, increase communication and alignment by measuring KPIs across the business for long-term success. Leverage and share reports within FlexDeploy using data from across the entire toolchain to drive continuous improvement.
“The beauty of [FlexDeploy] is repeatability. We have a process that people can rely on and it becomes very fast and easy. As we expand the use of FlexDeploy our team can further increase output which directly increases our value to the business and our customers.”

Ashok Nambiar

Senior Manager, Oracle Applications
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