DevOps for High-Tech with FlexDeploy

Manage costs and minimize time to market while maintaining data governance, security, and privacy

The Challenge

Technology is evolving at a pace never seen before. Vendors in the high-tech industry must be constantly researching and innovating to satisfy customers and remain competitive. There is a struggle to keep up with the day-to-day IT tasks in addition to transforming traditional processes into the modern era, including adopting a cloud approach or a hybrid-cloud system.

One of the largest challenges is data security and privacy. High-tech companies have recently received a considerable amount of criticism for lack of data protection. Privacy violations and breaches of sensitive information has deteriorated the public’s perception of organizations, resulting in long-lasting distrust and financial damage.

The Solution

FlexDeploy’s powerful automation capabilities and integration with tools and technologies across the lifecycle allows you to eliminate some of the manual human labor in the traditional SDLC process. Instead, machines can complete bothersome manual tasks, which eliminates human error and frees up IT professionals for value-adding activities. Take innovation to a new level.

With FlexDeploy and its out-of-the-box integration with credentials store and secrets management tools, keep your data safe, your customers’ information private, and meet compliance requirements.


One Fortune 50 High-Tech company wanted an automation tool that could be used across their IT landscape and bring together existing islands of automation. They chose FlexDeploy.

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In this webinar, you will learn how FlexDeploy helps mature your end to end processes for developing, delivering, and maintaining secure IT solutions, bringing DevSecOps to your team.

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The market has seen an increase in tools related to Release Automation, Continuous Delivery, and DevOps. What are the differences? And why do they matter?

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Don’t just keep up with other companies when you can get ahead. Hear how FlexDeploy customers did just that, and their future plans for FlexDeploy, in this webinar.

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“With FlexDeploy, we have take our release management to the next level. We have shifted our developer’s focus to writing code and delivering enhancements that help our business, and away from the time consuming and error prone deployment activities. Faster software development, more frequent releases into production, and higher quality.”

Sr. Manager, Fortune 50 High-Tech Organization

With FlexDeploy, you can...

Get Ahead of the Competition

True innovation requires effort from everyone in an organization. By automating manual tasks with FlexDeploy, your IT professionals can do the work they enjoy, be more creative, and add more value to the business. Additionally, automating tasks means you can speed up your time to market.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

By incorporating continuous integration, continuous delivery, and release orchestration and automation into your SDLC you can release code more often. The elimination of manual tasks means fewer human errors and higher quality releases. Additionally, smaller batches of code make any issues easier to find and resolve. Meet customers’ high expectations with frequent updates and fewer outages.

Better Public Opinion

Utilizing FlexDeploy’s out-of-the-box integration with credentials store and secrets management tools in your current delivery processes can keep your data safe and meet compliance requirements. Preventive measures can help protect your information against breaches and preserve your reputation.