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DevOps and CI/CD Done Right

Out of the Box DevOps Platform for your Business and Open Systems

reduction in cost
faster average deployment time
fewer errors and outages

Robust CI/CD pipelines built-in

The FlexDeploy integrated software delivery platform (ISDP) simplifies DevOps for enterprise software ecosystems like Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP. It’s also great for cloud and container-native development.

Achieve your current business goals and future aspirations

Quickly enable CI/CD for current and future technologies

With powerful native solutions for Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP technologies, you can eliminate manual and error-prone activities. Create robust CI/CD pipelines that are secure, repeatable, and auditable for all your changes.

Plug & play DevOps toolchain

With an integrated DevOps toolchain in place, you're able to open a service ticket, easily communicate vital information with the right team members, open an issue in your project management/agile tool, and create a platform to communicate with stakeholders and customers.

Real-time dashboard metrics and insights

Get real-time visibility and insights into your build, deploy, and release metrics, and continuously improve your software delivery performance, monitor progress and trends.

Achieve speed, consistency, and visibility

Orchestrate delivery across your pipeline through integrated test automation, and automated security and compliance for consistent and repeatable results.

As seen in the FORRESTER™ WAVE | Integrated Software Delivery Platforms 2023

“Flexagon is a great fit for enterprises looking for DevOps capabilities that span both open systems and business systems.”

achieved 36X faster deployments

FlexDeploy Transitions Global Company from On-Prem to Cloud

We use FlexDeploy to manage Oracle & Informatica platforms providing speed, consistency, and visibility into effectively managing deployments.

Given the success we have had with FlexDeploy managing on-premises EBS deployments, it was a no-brainer to extend that investment to managing cloud environments.

An initiative of this size and complexity touched every aspect of our IT organization. Its success was crucial to the financial operations of the business.

Manage the entire delivery lifecycle from a single platform

FlexDeploy unifies all your DevOps activities including planning, build automation, continuous integration, artifact management, deployment automation and release orchestration. The result is an integrated software delivery platform.

Support for your most complex environments

FlexDeploy’s comprehensive build, deploy, and release automation functionality can be stand-alone or integrated with any of the tools your team uses today or perhaps tomorrow.

Make the complex simple

Turn to FlexDeploy to deliver an integrated and extensible DevOps platform.
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