State of DevOps 2022

DevOps is not a new trend. Organizations that have adopted it are seeing decreased spending, decreased...

Forrester NOW Tech ISDP

Enterprise development leaders are in a bind. They want to release software rapidly, sometimes even 100x...

Gartner Future of DevOps

DevOps toolchains are changing. In the report "The Future of DevOps Toolchains Will Involve Maximizing Flow...

Forrester Future of DevOps

Forrester discusses how DevOps has moved on from a grouping of operating principles, to the default...

FlexDeploy for Oracle BI

Automate the process of moving of Oracle BI Web Catalog objects and repository files.

FlexDeploy for Oracle Database

FlexDeploy enables database developers and DBAs to move at the speed required today.

Jenkins vs. FlexDeploy

Discover which tool will best fit your IT toolset and help you meet strategic goals.

FlexDeploy v. PPM/Kintana for Oracle EBS

Choose the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution for Oracle E-Business Suite.

FlexDeploy for Salesforce

FlexDeploy establishes repeatable and efficient processes for Salesforce implementations.

FlexDeploy for Oracle Fusion Middleware

Add automation, controls, and visibility to Oracle Fusion Middleware implementations.

FlexDeploy for Oracle E-Business Suite

Streamline the deployment of E-Business Suite changes by applying automation and DevOps.

FlexDeploy for Oracle Cloud

Explore FlexDeploy's extensive and robust support for Oracle Cloud and all its benefits.

FlexDeploy for Oracle APEX

Increase productivity and efficiency by automating your APEX processes with FlexDeploy.

FlexDeploy for OIC and APIs

Shift to more agile, high quality, and cost-effective software delivery for OIC and APIs.

FlexDeploy for MuleSoft

Eliminate the complex, error-prone and time consuming manual tasks of managing MuleSoft.

Continuous Delivery & Release Automation

FlexDeploy uses CDRA to increase speed, quality, and compliance of software delivery.

FlexDeploy Differentiators

See how FlexDeploy compares to other commercial and open-source DevOps and VSD solutions.

FlexDeploy Data Sheet

Learn how FlexDeploy delivers better quality software faster, with less cost and risk.

E-Business Suite Development Tips

13 tips to help you maintain and customize EBS in less time, with fewer manual tasks.

E-Business Suite Upgrades

Minimize many of the pain points typically experienced with EBS upgrades with FlexDeploy.

DevOps for Salesforce eBook

How to implement DevOps for Salesforce to increase speed and efficiency.

DevOps for Developers eBook

A guide to understand and embrace DevOps as a developer and gain support from leadership.

DevOps and Continuous Delivery ROI

Discover 6 benefits of DevOps and learn how to calculate return on investment.

Agentless Architecture in a DevOps World

Learn how agentless architecture can positively impact your organization.

Advanced Pipelines & Release Automation

Use pipelines to extend FlexDeploy's build and deploy capabilities beyond single projects.

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