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How FlexDeploy Elevates Higher Education

Streamline IT Operations & Accelerate Innovation in Higher Ed with FlexDeploy

Simplify software delivery, empower developers, and improve student experiences.

Connect Popular Higher Education Tools with FlexDeploy

D2L Birghtspace
Oracle Peoplesoft

FlexDeploy delivers agility, security, and compliance for higher education IT

Welcome to the FlexDeploy DevOps platform. We’re committed to accelerating digital transformation in higher education by taming the complexity of your enterprise software technologies.

Key Features:

  • Automated deployments for consistency and reliability
  • Role-based access controls to maintain integrity and governance
  • Pre-built integrations with platforms commonly used in educational settings
  • Adherence to stringent industry standards and regulations
  • Comprehensive analytics dashboards for insightful feedback on IT operations.

Why FlexDeploy is the right choice for higher education

Enable Agile DevOps

Speed up your digital releases, improve collaborative efforts, and automate repetitive tasks. These efficiencies translate to reduced costs, increased value delivery to students, faculty, and administrators, and improved feedback loops.
End-to-end DevOps features

Oversee Platform Security

We understand the challenges of managing software delivery in a higher education setting. We offer a solution that improves operational efficiency and ensures you remain compliant with industry standards. Our role-based access controls maintain integrity and governance across teams.
Security and compliance features

Gain Dashboard Insights

With FlexDeploy DevOps, you gain visibility into your software delivery performance. This means you can effectively manage your operations, lower costs, and reduce security and compliance risks. Role-based dashboards make measuring success and calculating DevOps ROI easy.
Reporting and communication features

Reduce Rollout Time and Risk of Errors

Manual deployments are time-intensive and error-prone. FlexDeploy allows teams to automate deployments across all environments with built-in approval workflows and rollback capabilities.
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The DevOps Dilemma in Higher Education: Overcoming Obstacles with FlexDeploy

This white paper discusses the unique challenges that higher education institutions face in adopting DevOps practices and introduces FlexDeploy as a transformative solution.

Measurable Metrics and Insights

We increased visibility to real-time and historical data, improving the ability to troubleshoot issues and meet compliance and audit requirements.

Discover the benefits of faster releases, better collaboration, and lower costs with FlexDeploy

FlexDeploy DevOps platform implementations have delivered: 

  • 30% reduction in costs
  • 60% faster average deployment time
  • 5x fewer errors and outages

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