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FlexDeploy Elevates Devops for Higher Education

Streamline IT Operations While Accelerating Innovation in Higher Ed

hours per week saved and allocated elsewhere
decrease in errors and outages
reduction in development costs

Simplify software delivery, empower developers, and improve student experiences

Speed up digital transformation in higher education safely and efficiently. FlexDeploy brings business systems, tools, tasks, and people together into a single platform that tames complexities while delivering the full benefits of DevOps.

Key Features:

  • Comply with stringent standards and regulations
  • Gain real-time insights on IT operations with analytics dashboards
  • Improve integrity and governance with role-based access controls
  • Create consistency and reliability using automated deployments
  • Simplify tool and platfrom changes/additions using pre-built integrations

Unify higher education IT efforts and streamline collaboration across departments with FlexDeploy

Office of the CIO
Client Experience & Solutions (CXS)
Service Strategy
Information Security Office
Research Computing
Enterprise Technology
IT Infrastructure

Office of the CIO

Struggling with a gap between IT strategy and departmental execution? FlexDeploy creates a unified view of the entire IT value stream, ensuring alignment and success.

  • Match IT Strategy to University Goals: A centralized platform ensures all departments work toward shared objectives.
  • Facilitate Transparency and Communication: Real-time visibility into project progress fosters deep collaboration.
  • Empower Informed Decision-Making: Data-driven insights enhance resource allocation and project prioritization.
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Client Experience & Solutions (CXS)

Challenged to deliver high-quality user experiences with efficiency and agility? FlexDeploy automates workflows, improves release predictability, and empowers teams to address user needs faster.

  • Deliver Superior User Experiences: Streamlined IT service delivery with automated workflows and improved release predictability.
  • Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs: Consolidated tools and automated manual processes free up resources for innovation and improved user support.
  • Proactively Address User Needs: Faster deployments and easier rollbacks create quicker responses to user feedback.
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Service Strategy

Trying to maintain a robust service portfolio and ensure consistent delivery across departments? FlexDeploy creates standardization, clear visibility, and proactive risk management optimize your complex IT service strategy.

  • Standardize IT Service Delivery:Consistent processes and methodologies across all IT projects create quality and repeatability.
  • Optimize Service Portfolio Management: A broad view of the entire IT service portfolio enables better resource allocation and service prioritization.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Identifying and addressing potential issues early reduces disruptions and improves service uptime.
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Information Security Office

Finding it difficult to balance rapid innovation with robust security? FlexDeploy integrates with security tools, automates security checks, and simplifies compliance audits.

  • Enhance Security Compliance: Deep integration with security tools automates security checks throughout the development pipeline.
  • Improve Vulnerability Management: Streamlined patch deployment and vulnerability remediation processes deliver faster response times.
  • Increase Audit Efficiency: Consolidated audit trails simplify compliance audits and reporting.
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Research Computing

Seeking ways to increase research speed and innovation. FlexDeploy automates deployments, optimizes resource allocation, and fosters collaboration, allowing researchers to focus on groundbreaking discoveries.

  • Accelerate Research Innovation: Automate deployments and infrastructure provisioning, freeing up researchers to focus on scientific discovery.
  • Improve Resource Utilization: Insights into resource allocation and usage patterns optimize research computing environments.
  • Enhance Collaboration and Sharing: Collaboration between researchers and IT staff drives faster access to critical resources.
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Enterprise Technology

Need a faster way to manage complex application deployments and ensure consistency across a growing IT infrastructure? FlexDeploy streamlines deployments, standardizes IT infrastructure, and increases overall agility.

  • Simplify Application Deployments: Automated deployments reduce errors and manual work for IT staff.
  • Standardize IT Infrastructure: Consistent deployment eases infrastructure management and maintenance.
  • Increase Agility and Scalability: Respond to business needs with accelerated deployments and easier scaling of IT resources.
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IT Infrastructure

Want to reduce manual tasks, optimize resource utilization, and improve infrastructure reliability? FlexDeploy has automated provisioning, configuration management, and consistent deployment capabilities.

  • Automate Infrastructure Provisioning: Streamlined infrastructure provisioning and configuration management accelerates time to value.
  • Reduce Operational Costs: Automated manual tasks eliminate errors to create efficient infrastructure management.
  • Improve Infrastructure Reliability: Consistent configurations and automated deployments reduces the risk of infrastructure failures.
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Build and report WITH all OF YOUR Higher Education Tools USING FlexDeploy

D2L Birghtspace
Oracle Peoplesoft


The DevOps Dilemma in Higher Education: Overcoming Obstacles with FlexDeploy

Struggling to bridge the DevOps gap in Higher Ed? This resource offers solutions for system admins, DevOps teams, and Infrastructure and Operations leaders facing challenges in institutional IT environments. Discover how Flexagon can help!

HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOUR Metrics and Insights

We increased visibility to real-time and historical data, improving the ability to troubleshoot issues and meet compliance and audit requirements.

We’ve been looking for this kind of tool for the last 10-15 years and we finally found it.

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The PeopleSoft plugin allows users to migrate PeopleSoft projects from one environment to another, generate build SQL files, and compare project definitions on a target database.

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The Oracle EBS plugin provides a structured deployment model for commonly used EBS Objects.

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