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Transform Your Business with DevOps for SAP

A new development approach for your critical business systems

The Digital Economy Demands an Agile Approach to DevOps

The digital economy places increasing pressure on businesses, and therefore technology teams, to meet customer demands. Traditional software delivery methods are cumbersome and slow, often resulting in software that disappoints users, frustrates business stakeholders, and depletes development and delivery teams. As a critical enterprise platform system enabling the business, it requires an agile development approach—in essence DevOps.

Accelerate Delivery

Bring tremendous improvements in software delivery speed. Increase the rate of delivery from one or two extensive releases to quarterly, monthly, maybe weekly, updates that delight users. Although your rate of delivery will increase, you’ll spend less time and effort delivering. You can focus on both the necessary technical fixes and the true innovation needed to revolutionize your competitive advantage.

Automate, Automate, Automate

A critical component of DevOps, orchestration eliminates unproductive, time-intensive, and error-prone manual tasks and scripting. Minimize security risk, while also providing proper tracking and auditing for regulatory compliance. Enable the integration of SAP development into wider software delivery pipelines.

Create Happier Teams

Endless, stressful nights and weekends spent dealing with production releases and issues not only frustrates, but can demotivate team members, causing valuable players to leave. Development, Operations, and supporting teams can now focus their talents and energy on solving business challenges and delivering innovation.

Demonstrate Business Impact

Increase visibility across your organization providing insights into the continuous productivity improvements, accelerated time to market, and software quality metrics. A fully integrated DevOps platform for continuous integration and continuous deployment provides an end-to-end view of SDLC results allowing for continuous improvements that decrease costs, increase customer satisfaction, and help to drive revenue.

Purpose-Built to Tame the Complexities of SAP

Until recently, many organizations have not attempted to apply DevOps to enterprise commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) systems, such as SAP. The various underlying components, deeply rooted customizations, and intricate integrations with other systems have added layers of complexity that were daunting.

Flexagon is the exclusive provider of the most comprehensive, integrated, and secure DevOps platform that helps organizations overcome these complexities.

Built from the ground up to enable faster software delivery, without compromising on quality and compliance requirements.
Security is inherent in everything we do. Security, controls, and governance capabilities enable a collaborative and repeatable approach for managing changes across environments.
Heavy focus on automation, release orchestration and tool chain integration to remove bottlenecks and promote exponential time to value improvement.
Recognized by Gartner and Forrester as the exclusive provider of unique support for COTS, and the only DevOps platform with native solutions for Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP.

Transform Your SAP DevOps Effort for True Business Impact