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Provide better care to patients while containing costs, maintaining security and meeting regulatory requirements.

DevOps for Healthcare

Healthcare is a life-impacting, high-risk industry. Many times, the technology being developed and managed directly impacts people’s health and lives. With this being the case, healthcare organizations cannot afford frequent errors. However, time to market is a challenge, largely due to regulation and the extensive security measures required. Traditional healthcare software development lacks the agility needed to meet today’s business needs.

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Digital Transformation is a Must When Taking Care of People

Over the last decade, the healthcare industry has undergone a rapid transformation. Healthcare has shifted from shelves filled with files to utilizing the latest technology available, dedicated data centers, and public or private cloud infrastructure. Patient expectations have also risen to include personalized experiences, immediate access to information and shorter response time.

Healthcare providers need to:

  • Deliver new digital solutions and services at a faster rate and higher quality
  • Adopt innovative technologies to provide better care to patients while containing costs
  • Respond to ever-increasing requests for data-driven, interactive and responsive care
  • Move faster while maintaining compliance and meeting strict regulatory requirements

With FlexDeploy, You Can…

Gain a competitive edge through responsive, data-driven caregiving.

Increase Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

By deploying more technology that improves operational efficiency or directly addresses a patient need and doing so faster without compromising patient security, healthcare organizations can ensure increased quality of care for patients and providers can increase patient satisfaction and engagement and improve population health. Most of all, it can help create competitive advantages while helping people get life-saving healthcare services.

Support Data Science Initiatives

Data science initiatives yield outcomes that directly impact patients, so ensuring data is constantly up-to-date and accurate is critical to success.

Strengthen Competitive Advantage

Automated processes cut back on development time, improve efficiency, and provide better business agility. Customers will be pleased with higher quality and more innovative features and IT employees will be happy doing the tasks that matter.
“With all of the requirements around change control processes, we needed a platform with extensive release management functionality: visibility, segregation of duties, approvals, traceability, etc.”

Blake Xiao

Head of Global Integration Platform at Takeda Pharmaceuticals
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