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Oracle APEX and Oracle Database DevOps and Release Automation

Oracle Application Express (APEX) deployments are mostly UI driven and making changes to database structures is not like deploying updates to code. Simply replacing existing structures while preserving data is not possible. Managing this lifecycle through manual processes results in quality issues, slower project delivery, a lack of visibility to what has changed in each environment, and an overall lack of control.

With FlexDeploy, You Can…

While software development has benefited from DevOps and CI/CD, Oracle APEX and Oracle Database have been left behind. FlexDeploy changes all of that.

Automate the migration of applications, pages and supporting database objects
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Create complete CI/CD pipelines in minutes
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Integrate with popular source control management tools such as Git, SVN and more
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Improve traceability of changes across all environments
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Oracle Fusion Middleware

Fusion Middleware (FMW) customers take a variety of approaches to their deployment processes, including fully manual, a combination of manual and scripted, or fully scripted via custom-developed tools. Creating and maintaining custom deployment tools is time intensive. Manual procedures, or partially automated processes, result in slow and error-prone deployments. In addition, most deployment processes lack role-based security, scheduling, notifications, reporting, and other release lifecycle management capabilities.

With FlexDeploy, You Can…

Regain the confidence of users, customers and the business.

Decrease software delivery from hours or days to just minutes

Increase productivity and improve service levels across all environments with the delivery of high-quality software

Enhance visibility for improved troubleshooting and regulation compliance

Access the most extensive Fusion Middleware products support: WebLogic, SOA Suite, JMS, OBIEE and more

Transform Your Oracle DevOps Journey

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