Creating Amazon AWS CloudFormation Stacks with FlexDeploy

Today, Flexagon delivered a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) plugin for FlexDeploy. Creating AWS CloudFormation stacks makes it easy to quickly start up a series of AWS resources. They can contain resources such as EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Lamada, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS CodeCommit, Elastic Block Store, S3 instances, and much more. There is virtually no limit to what can be done with CloudFormation stacks. You can define all the resources required to run your application in one template to make it as quick and efficient as possible to create instances. This just goes to show the benefit of having a FlexDeploy plugin that can create and delete CloudFormation stacks.

With the FlexDeploy AWS plugin, it’s easy to manage your AWS resources efficiently so you spend less time paying for resources you aren’t using. The plugin makes it easy to manage your AWS account without ever having to leave FlexDeploy. You have the option to create a stack based on a template from a file, source control, or the S3 storage cloud. Having the ability to create and delete these stacks within a FlexDeploy workflow means that with one workflow, we can start a stack, deploy an application and all its dependencies, run tests, and then shut down the entire stack.

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