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Test Automation

Run tests automatically and utilize results to improve software quality.

Limited Manual Effort Required

Test Automation decreases the amount of human intervention in the testing process. It requires the use of your preferred automation frameworks and testing tools to write test scripts that verify the functionality of an application. Automated testing is the most effective way of enhancing software application efficiency and effectiveness and seamlessly integrating with your preferred testing tools and automation frameworks increases your ability to deliver applications and services at high speed.

Seamlessly Integrate Testing

FlexDeploy's test automation framework and plugins integrate seamlessly into the build, deploy and release lifecycle. Define test strategies and trigger automated tests for functional and non-functional testing and quality assurance.

Why Choose FlexDeploy?  

Use Test Automation within the FlexDeploy DevOps Platform to: 

Test as Code

Define test configurations as YAML and store tests along with your source code.

Run CI/CD Tests Automatically

Automate tests in CI/CD and view the test results in your workflow and pipeline executions.

Build Fast, Test Fast, Fail Fast

Review failed tests and associated error messages and logs.

View Quality and Test Coverage Goals

Assess quality metrics and thresholds and trigger actions based on results.


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