Protect your Pipeline and Applications from Malicious Actors and Human Error.

The most effective teams secure their pipelines from both internal and external security threats. But not all security threats are malicious. Some are a matter of human error, such as promoting code to a production environment before it’s ready. This accident can cause as much chaos as an individual gaining access to that which should be private.

Automate Security and Compliance in Your Software Delivery Pipeline 

DevSecOps is all about bringing security into DevOps workflows and tools to make it a seamless part of developer’s day-to-day work, and to support rather than hinder secure deployments.

FlexDeploy automates your preferred security tools in the software delivery pipeline, including Static Analysis Tools, Image Scanning, Dynamic Analysis Tools. Bringing together Developers, Release Managers and Security/Compliance officers in this way can guard against security vulnerabilities in your software supply chain with integrated security scanning within your CI/CD pipeline. Continuously identify and address known vulnerabilities and trigger actions based on the results.

Speed or Control? We Think Users Should Have Both.

The importance of security in the software delivery lifecycle cannot be overstated. This gave rise to the DevSecOps movement, which requires that security be an integrated part of enterprise IT. With DevSecOps, security is a shared responsibility built into the delivery lifecycle.

With FlexDeploy, security is inherent in everything we do. Security, controls, and governance capabilities enable a collaborative, repeatable, and compliant approach for managing changes across environments. Safely collaborate across teams with a single secure platform.

Role-Based Access

FlexDeploy provides a proprietary repository for managing security, including users, groups, and permissions. Role-based access enables segregation of duties and ensures users have appropriate access throughout the lifecycle, from build through release.

User Authentication

Configure users for authentication using FlexDeploy’s internal realm or integrate with an external LDAP-based realm such as Active Directory for user authentication. Define and order multiple realms to ensure authentication checks are done in a particular order.

Credentials Store and Secrets Management

FlexDeploy provides a local credential store out-of-the-box that integrates with popular external credential stores like HashiCorp Vault and CyberArk.

Single Sign-on/Multi-factor Authentication

Enable Single Sign-On and Multi Factor Authentication using integration with popular tools such as Okta and OpenID Connect, or corporate security solutions. Single Sign-On and Multi Factor Authentication can be used together or independently, but when utilized together users have a convenient and robust login process.

Approvals and Notifications

Set and define any approvals required in your pipeline, and notifications to ensure the right people are aware of the activity within a release. You can generate and notify users of approval tasks required inside of FlexDeploy, or tie approvals to a task or ticket in an external Issue Tracking or Change Management System.

Dashboards, Reports, and Visibility

Gain visibility throughout the build, deploy, test, and release process, decreasing the likelihood that your team will experience errors, outages, or failed deployments. Dashboards and reports provide insight to real-time and historical information, and improve decision making, troubleshooting, audit compliance, and continuous learning and improvements.


Case Study: Global Transportation

Meeting aggressive delivery timelines confidently and cost-effectively.

Case Study: Mobile Computing and Data Technology

How one company used FlexDeploy to improve visibility and time to market.


Set security based on roles, by group, globally, or by projects, applications and folders.

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