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Deployment Automation

Accelerate and Simplify Enterprise Software Deployment

Deliver consistency, reliability, scalability, and quality using FlexDeploy.

Achieve speed, collaboration, and more with automated deployments

Improve the speed and reliability of software releases while reducing the risk of errors. Use FlexDeploy to automate code, configurations, metadata, and data deployment.

Get to market faster and gain a competitive advantage

Ensure consistency whether you're deploying to one server or hundreds

Increase application quality by removing people from tedious tasks

Reduce risks by tracking actions and ensuring regulatory compliance

Deepen collaboration by integrating with popular communication tools

Implement customizable and reusable deployment workflows or pre-built blueprints for popular enterprise-grade use cases.

  • Optimize deployments using visual and declarative design
  • Trigger functions though if-then conditional logic operations
  • Maximize tool investments using technology plugin operations
  • Create safe editing of existing workflows with versioning
  • Improve efficiency by reusing processes across projects and environments
Address and overcome with deployment automation tools that work in the most complex enterprise environments.
  • Revert to prior software versions quickly using rollbacks
  • Create consistency across environments with sequencing
  • Clean up outdated data and maintain security with server recycles
  • Sync relevant data into non-production environments via post-clone refresh

Provide real-time insights for the right people at the right time to ensure visibility and compliance.

  • Track pipeline performance with deployment logs
  • Verify code quality with test results
  • Identify security issues and software bugs with code scanning
  • Trigger automated build proccesses using source code commits
  • Avoid issues and failure points using proactive alerts

Automate tests in your CI/CD pipeline.

  • Verify outcomes match intent via test as code function
  • Ensure the quality of small bits of code with unit testing
  • Prove code units work in harmony using integration testing
  • Know new code will work with existing code through regression testing
  • Create production simulations using load testing
  • Identify vulnerabilities before going system wide using security testing

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