Deployment Automation Software

Eliminate scripts and long nights at the office. FlexDeploy automates deployments to any environment for rapid testing and improvement, delivering the software businesses need faster.

Easily Deploy Software to Complex Environments

Simplify deployments, providing consistency and visibility across environments.

Accelerate Deployment Timelines

Create fast, repeatable, and automated processes that streamline deployments across environments. Eliminate time-consuming manual and scripted steps.

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Automate Deployments

Use out-of-the-box plugins for Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and other key business platforms, services, and tools. No complicated scripts necessary.

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Reduce Complications and Errors

Deploy only what’s needed to any environment, including cloud infrastructure and platform services, containers, middleware, and databases. Easily restore a previous state if there’s a problem.

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Case Study:
Deploy Software 5X Faster with Automation

Case Study: Starkey Hearing Technologies

Starkey’s team was used to getting by with less when supporting their business of 4,000+ employees. Deployment automation software helped them escape the rut so they could deploy code faster, with less manual work.

“I wanted to get the Starkey development team out of the business of writing and updating scripts and custom forms to support code deployment…. FlexDeploy provides the streamlined, repeatable, and controlled delivery processes that we were looking for. Exactly what we needed.”

The results?

  • 5X decrease deployment execution time
  • 3X decrease in deployment-related errors


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Before Deployment Automation

Slow and error-prone changes across all environments, leading to unhappy IT leaders, Business, and Customers.
Manual activities and script development/maintenance is costly, reducing the time spent on activities which directly contribute to business value.
Deployments into test and production environments are error-prone, negatively impacting business results and increasing the time spent troubleshooting and rectifying deployment related outages.
Employee satisfaction tanks because developers and other highly-skilled professionals spend time on lower-level activities which do not utilize their skills.
Poor visibility to changes and too much time spent figuring out what’s deployed where, when changes were made, and who made the changes.

After Deployment Automation

Increased speed and agility of software delivery results in the ability to deliver consistently, more often, and reduce the feedback cycle.
Development, Operations, and Supporting teams can focus their talents and energy on applications and services versus lower-level tooling and manual activities.
Automated deployments reduce errors, time spent troubleshooting, and the negative impact of outages across test and production environments.
Employee satisfaction and retention improve significantly. Development and IT professionals do what they do best, and avoid the stressful nights and weekends dealing with production releases and issues.
Visibility across the pipeline means IT teams have the information they need at their fingertips.

Support Any Technology Landscape and Toolchain

FlexDeploy works with your toolset and setup – on-prem or cloud; enterprises, middleware, or databases – so your team can deliver results.

Oracle Cloud
Oracle Database
Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle EBS)
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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