Orchestrate and Manage Releases
Consistently and Efficiently

Orchestrate, manage, and automate complex releases with FlexDeploy’s release management software. Schedule and track parallel or serialized releases to deliver enhancements and applications faster.

Release Orchestration

Release orchestration is the process of coordinating the tasks related to deploying software updates across environments and into the hands of end users – improving planning, tracking, and communication throughout the software release cycle across different teams, departments, and technologies. Release orchestration tools are critical to accelerate the benefits of DevOps.

With release orchestration, a company can achieve visibility into the entire release pipeline, to improve planning and scheduling of software updates. This visibility allows for process streamlining, operational efficiency maximization, and early identification of errors or problems before a software application goes live. Release orchestration also provides the framework for process control, helping a company to improve reliability and prepare for compliance and audits.

Increase Productivity and Release Quality

Give your staff the tools they need to do more in less time. FlexDeploy’s release orchestration and automation tools work with your processes and toolchain to:

  • Achieve consistent and repeatable release processes
  • Control and govern changes using approvals and schedules
  • Ensure quality using automated and manual test steps
  • Gain insights for improved decision making and auditing

Before Release Orchestration

Issues planning, tracking, and communicating throughout the release cycle, especially when there are many teams, applications, and other changes included in the scope of a release.
Required segregation of duties can be challenging, including difficulty orchestrating accurate approvals and other controls which ensure alignment to policies and the ability to meet audit requirements.
Difficulty or inability to know what has changed or is planned to change across environments, what has been approved, tested, or other activities which require coordination.
Manual tasks are time consuming and error-prone. Scripted processes require regular maintenance and take time away from delivering updates, enhancements, fixes, and innovative solutions.

After Release Orchestration

Flexibility related to support for traditional, agile, and continuous delivery methods. Apply ‘just the right amount’ of controls and coordination to ensure effective and efficient release management.
Controls established for approvals into environments, well defined ‘windows’ for changes into production and other controlled environments, and ability to ensure compliance to change processes and audit requirements.
Clear visibility to the release pipelines via dashboards and reports ensures access to information which helps plan and execute releases throughout the lifecycle.
Automation provides repeatable and high quality changes across all environments at any frequency; from daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever cadence is needed by your enterprise.

Release Orchestration Magnifies the Benefits of DevOps

Release orchestration possesses its own benefits, but it also helps organizations realize the benefits of DevOps.

Without release orchestration, DevOps cannot be truly and fully implemented. Release orchestration streamlines and automates manual, repetitive tasks, which contribute to reduced costs, shortened time to market, and greater transparency and governance into the software development and delivery lifecycle. Additionally, release quality increases as more controls are put into place and as the potential of human error decreases with the elimination of manual tasks. When all of the activities or a release are orchestrated and managed automatically, the fundamental benefits of DevOps are magnified.

Continuous Delivery and Release Automation

FlexDeploy Whitepaper: Continuous Delivery and Release Automation

Orchestrate and automate the provisioning, build, deploy, and release of software across your environment pipeline.

FlexDeploy’s release management software automates repetitive manual tasks and enables continuous delivery pipelines to:

  • Reduce time to market
  • Lower software delivery costs
  • Increase visibility across the lifecycle
  • Raise release quality
  • Improve compliance processes


See how Continuous Delivery and Release Automation increases productivity and lowers total cost of ownership.

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FlexDeploy Release Features

Release Orchestration

Support continuous delivery and DevOps with release orchestration, management, and automation features.

Reduce Manual Work with Pipeline Automation

Automate repeatable manual tasks to reduce workload and ensure consistent release execution. Inject manual activities where needed.

Handle Changes in Less Time with Release Management

Manage your entire software delivery and release pipeline from one platform. Orchestrate smart deployments by leveraging parallel or serialized releases.

Lower the Risk of Errors and Failure with Quality Controls

Set up quality gates to ensure every release includes the proper approvals, schedules, and other quality activities.

Support Your Team with Deployment Strategies

Define the deployment strategies that work best for your business, including Blue/Green, Canary, Rolling, and more.

Reduce Downtime with Rollback

Reduce downtime by quickly and easily returning to a previous version if there’s a problem. Use detailed logs to reduce resolution and fix times when troubleshooting.

Improve Compliance with Tracking and Visibility

Automatic data capture and detailed dashboards improve visibility to simplify troubleshooting, compliance, and auditing.

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Connect Technology to Reduce Silos and Scripting

Stop dealing with silos and spending time writing and maintaining scripts. FlexDeploy’s plugins and integrations connect your existing toolchain to reduce silos and automate manual tasks, alleviating the burden on your team.

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