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Release Orchestration

Orchestrate, manage, and automate complex releases with complete visibility and control.

Without Release, There is No New Application

Until new applications or features are shipped, there is no value. Whether using traditional or continuous delivery approaches to deliver software, coordinating release activities can be challenging to say the least. Technologies at all levels of the stack are in play and need to be managed together for success. Organizations need a way to manage their enterprise release pipelines in a scalable, auditable, and predictable way.

Release orchestration is the process of coordinating the tasks related to deploying software updates across environments and into the hands of end users—improving planning, tracking, and communication throughout the release cycle across different teams, departments, and technologies.

Gain Visibility and Accuracy Across the Entire Release Pipeline

Streamline Processes

Create automated, consistent, and repeatable release processes across different teams, departments, and technologies.

Manage Complexity

Orchestrate and manage all the activities of a release from a single platform and through a single pipeline.

Increase Quality

Automation eliminates manual tasks and provides repeatable and high-quality changes across environments.

Shorten Time to Market

Automated processes reduce costs, shorten time to market, and provide greater transparency and governance into the delivery lifecycle.

Shorten release cycle 3x

“FlexDeploy has shifted our developers’ focus to writing code and delivering enhancements that help our business, and away from the time consuming and error prone deployment activities. Faster software development, more frequent releases into production, and higher quality.”

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Support continuous delivery and DevOps with release orchestration, management, and automation with FlexDeploy.

Manage Dynamic Pipelines

Automate repeatable manual tasks to reduce workload and ensure consistent release execution. Inject manual activities where needed for complete control.

Release Management

Manage your entire software delivery and release pipeline from one platform. Orchestrate smart deployments by leveraging parallel or serialized releases.

Quality Controls

Set up quality gates to ensure every release includes the proper approvals, schedules, and other quality-ensuring activities.

Deployment Strategies

Define the deployment strategies that work best for your business, including Blue/Green, Canary, Rolling, and more.

Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Plugins and integrations connect your existing toolchain to reduce silos, eliminate scripts, and automate manual tasks, alleviating the burden on your team.

Tracking and Visibility

Automatic data capture and detailed dashboards improve visibility to simplify troubleshooting, compliance, and auditing.

Plugins and Integrations to meet your needs.

We’ll integrate with and orchestrate the tools in your delivery pipeline and the technologies in your landscape.

Stop dealing with silos and spending time writing and maintaining scripts. Plugins replace manual and scripted processes which can be poor quality, costly, and time consuming. Integrating the tools you’re using across your SDLC—from project management to test automation—into one platform eliminates tool sprawl and provides a consistent experience across teams.

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