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Collaboration and Communication

Become a Winning Team

Communication and collaboration are crucial aspects of any successful team or organization.

Communicate. Listen. Collaborate.

Drive a pivotal role in driving success and achieving desired outcomes.






Get visibility and insights into your build, deploy, and release processes.

  • Create and share dashboards
  • Role-based and team-based dashboards
  • Value stream metrics
  • Software delivery performance metrics
See customizable dashboard features

Plan, track, and collaborate with others using native or 3rd party work items.

  • Create and manage work items
  • Associate work items to code changes and commits
  • Visualize work items in a release
  • Capture comments and attachments
Learn more about work items

Keep users informed about status and progress of DevOps processes.

  • Email notifications
  • Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations
  • Customizable notifications
  • Event-based triggers
Learn more about notifications

Offer valuable information and metrics to help teams understand and improve their DevOps processes.

  • Build metrics
  • Deployment metrics
  • Test coverage and results
  • Release and pipeline metrics
Learn more about project insights

Additional information and support

Getting Started
Flexagon Support
Product Roadmap

Getting Started

  1. Create and Share your Dashboards

  2. Customize Work Item types, status, fields to better fit your business needs.

  3. Define your Notification templates

  4. Enable or Integrate Test, SAST/DAST Scan tools into CI/CD toolchain to capture those insights

Flexagon Support

To request support or find downloads, please login to the support site. If you are not a current subscriber or are an associate for an existing FlexDeploy customer, please contact us.

Product Roadmap

Our Product Roadmap is maintained, reviewed and validated against market and customer needs as we continue to innovate, meet and exceed customer expectations.


The FlexDeploy Documentation wiki is a valuable resource for users of the FlexDeploy platform. It provides comprehensive documentation and information about using FlexDeploy for Test Automation. Users can browse topics on the wiki, search for specific information, and gain insights into various aspects of FlexDeploy’s functionality and features.


We maintain Blogs, Case Studies, White Papers, and Videos under Resources on our Web site.

You can filter by technology, topic, or resource type.

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