Make the complex simple—manage the entire delivery lifecycle from a single platform.

Speed up software delivery to meet business needs

Reduce errors and lower your risk of failed deployments

Decrease costs associated with manual tasks, scripting and deployment-related outages

Increase visibility and automate provisioning, build, deploy, test and release across environments

Reduce Errors, Outages and Time to Market

Flexagon is a fully integrated DevOps solution, automating and simplifying the software development cycle to significantly reduce errors, outages, and time to market. One tool eliminates sprawl, providing an integrated user experience across all teams.

Build Automation and Continuous Integration

Out-of-the-box build automation and continuous integration features help eliminate complexity. FlexDeploy supports traditional builds and enables continuous integration via a built-in CI server and integrations with popular CI tools. Users have the option to utilize FlexDeploy features to implement continuous integration practices, or to continue with previous investments in tools such as Jenkins or Maven.

Deploy Automation

Eliminate time-consuming manual and scripted steps, and long nights at the office. Deployment automation is at the heart of streamlined software development and operations. FlexDeploy automates deployments to any environment for rapid testing and improvement, delivering the software businesses need faster.

Blackout Windows

Easily schedule a time for your blackout windows to prevent deployment to an environment or target. A blackout window helps mitigate the risk during key windows of company revenue or maintenance and protects negative impacts for delivery. Teams are notified with details of the blackout window.

Work Items

Use our native Work Items to track flow from customer request to production. Associate attachments, add comments, change status, and view history and associated activities. FlexDeploy supports native or external work items from JIRA, GitHub, GitLab or Azure Boards without ever having to leave and a common user experience. 

Test Automation 

Integrate test automation using your preferred testing tools and frameworks to accelerate delivery of high-quality software by reducing manual test cycles. Define and store your tests along with your source code and utilize continuous testing in your release pipelines. Assess quality metrics and thresholds and trigger actions based on results.

Artifact Repository

An artifact repository is a key component of a streamlined and clean delivery lifecycle, and imperative for CI and CD practices. FlexDeploy provides a built-in artifact repository, allowing users an easy and robust solution. Alternatively, users have the option to integrate with an existing Artifactory or Nexus repository.

Release Orchestration

Orchestrate, manage, and automate complex releases with FlexDeploy. Release orchestration features streamline and orchestrate the end-to-end software delivery process. Pipelines define each stage and include automated and manual Gates and Steps to enforce rigor and repeatability for managing change across the pipeline. Schedule and track parallel or serialized releases to deliver enhancements and applications faster.

Issue and Deploy Tracking 

FlexDeploy provides seamless integration with best of breed issue tracking tools, including JIRA, ServiceNow, GitLab, etc., creating a rich and powerful experience for both agile and traditional software delivery methodologies. Automatically track issues and commits through builds and deployments for deployment tracking.  Easily track what issues and commits have been deployed to an environment and at what time.

Customizable Dashboard 

Display software delivery performance metrics of build and release pipelines, including DORA metrics, and facilitate continuous improvement. View statistics, trends, and recent activities for an enhanced user experience. Drag and drop the metrics you want to see and share your Dashboard with others for setting measurable results.

Security & Compliance

The significant increase in malicious attacks has forced organizations to shift their efforts from reactive to proactive, preventative to diagnostic approaches. FlexDeploy integrates security practices through the entire software supply chain with role-based access controls, authentication via LDAP or Active Directory, and integrated security testing. Guard against security vulnerabilities in your software supply chain with integrated security scanning within your CI/CD pipeline. Continuously identify and address known vulnerabilities and trigger actions based on the results.

Controls, Governance, and Reporting

Manage the software delivery lifecycle with configurable and flexible approvals, scheduling, notifications, automated and manual testing, and more. Controls and governance capabilities enable a collaborative, repeatable, and proactive approach for managing changes across environments. Dashboards and reports provide insight to real-time and historical information, and improve decision making, troubleshooting, audit compliance, and continuous improvement.

Plugins and Integrations

Use out-of-the-box plugins and integrations to support your unique landscape and delivery toolchain. A library of plugins – technology-specific modules which encapsulate the complexity of performing build and deploy operations – replace time-consuming and costly manual and scripted processes. Additionally, integrate with tools across the delivery lifecycle, seamlessly integrating your pipeline into one common platform. It’s these native plugins and integrations that allow users to deploy changes while incorporating external tests, approvals, and notifications, all from one platform.

See FlexDeploy in Action

See how FlexDeploy can reduce complexity, improve visibility, and eliminate tool sprawl, allowing you to deliver better quality software faster.

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