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Empower Data Driven Decisions to Excel with
Customizable Dashboards

Gain real-time insights, optimize workflows, and drive continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement powered by real-time Data

Remove uncertainties and make data-driven decisions about DevOps performance. Customizable FlexDeploy provides real-time data visualizations to monitor progress and trends, optimize build and deployment workflows, drive continuous improvement, and simplify information sharing.

  • Gain a concise understanding of your DevOps lifecycle.
  • Identify bottlenecks, track progress, and measure pipeline performance
  • Facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration
  • Promote data transparency and informed actions

Visualize and Track Software Delivery Performance

Select from a comprehensive library of build, deployment, and DORA (Delivery, Operations, Response, Automation) metrics, with more added regularly.

Layout Metrics in Dashboard 

Drag and drop metric panels to create personalized dashboards that align with your needs and workflows.

Share Dashboards with Stakeholders

Grant read-only or edit access to dashboards, ensuring data security and controlled information sharing.


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