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Core Features

Easily Address Enterprise Software CI/CD Challenges

FlexDeploy offers unique differentiators to tame the complexity of Enterprise Software technologies and enable automated CI/CD pipelines.

Bringing DevOps to enterprise software technologies

Modernize development and delivery for code, configurations, metadata, and data.

Find the source code

Build and package

Promote and deploy

Integrate and interoperate

Package for Release

  • Discover and catalog files
  • Define package content
  • Add, remove, sequence files
  • User-managed or dynamic packaging
  • Build and deploy packages
  • Associate work items to package
  • Manage dependencies and subcomponents
  • Technology plugins for Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, and more
  • Plug and play toolchain integration framework
  • Over 100 OOTB plugins and integrations
A collection of logos representing FlexDeploy's plug and play toolchain integrations.
  • Robust webhook function editor
  • Reusable library of functions
  • Inbound and outbound webhooks
  • Debug and replay webhook messages
  • Extensive REST Services
  • Plugin SDK

Additional information and support

Getting Started
Flexagon Support
Product Roadmap

Getting Started with FlexDeploy

  1. Choose your technology automation plugin
  2. Define your topology and CI/CD Pipeline
  3. Easily integrate your toolchain choices
  4. Discover and Catalog changes from source code or development
  5. Easily package changes for Release
  6. Quickly define and simplify your Build and Deployment workflows
  7. Configure CI/CD and monitor visual progress in the Release Dashboard.
  8. Review our robust Web Integration Fabric

Flexagon Support

To request support or find downloads, please login to the support site. If you are not a current subscriber or are an associate for an existing FlexDeploy customer, please contact us.

Product Roadmap

Our Product Roadmap is maintained, reviewed and validated against market and customer needs as we continue to innovate, meet and exceed customer expectations.


The FlexDeploy Documentation wiki is a valuable resource for users of the FlexDeploy platform. It provides comprehensive documentation and information about using FlexDeploy for Test Automation. Users can browse topics on the wiki, search for specific information, and gain insights into various aspects of FlexDeploy’s functionality and features.


We maintain Blogs, Case Studies, White Papers, and Videos under Resources on our Web site.

You can filter by technology, topic, or resource type.

Make the complex simple

Turn to FlexDeploy to deliver an integrated and extensible DevOps platform.
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