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Build Automation

Build Automation at Scale

Increase speed of development and testing, and accelerate the front-end of the software delivery process.

Build automation and continuous integration

A consistent and integrated solution for building, testing, and packaging your application artifacts for deployment

Increase productivity

Accelerate delivery

Improve quality

Maintain complete history

Saves time and money

FlexDeploy optimizes and accelerates your build process.

  • Incremental builds
  • Caching
  • Parallelization
  • Distributed builds

Easily store and retrieve application artifacts (code, configurations, metadata, SQL, etc.) from the source control system of your choice.

  • Automatic retrieval
  • Latest source code
  • Ensure builds are up-to-date
  • Secure builds in artifact repository
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Continuous integration features allow teams to automate the process of building, testing, integrating, and delivery software. By incorporating continuous integration into their development workflow.

  • Automate build process
  • Automate testing process
  • Speed integration
  • Faster delivery
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Developers can easily build test automation into the workflows.

  • Run tests on every commit
  • Support all test frameworks
  • Code coverage reporting
  • Visualize trends
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Additional information and support

Getting Started
Flexagon Support
Product Roadmap

Getting Started

Build automation helps streamline the software development process by automating the building and packaging of applications.

  1. Understand Build Automation

  2. Explore FlexDeploy Build Automation capabilities

  3. Set Up Your Build Environments

  4. Define Your Build Processes

  5. Configure Your Build Triggers

  6. Integrate with Version Control Systems.

  7. Monitor and Analyze Build Results

Flexagon Support

To request support or find downloads, please login to the support site. If you are not a current subscriber or are an associate for an existing FlexDeploy customer, please contact us.

Product Roadmap

Our Product Roadmap is maintained, reviewed and validated against market and customer needs as we continue to innovate, meet and exceed customer expectations.


The FlexDeploy Documentation wiki is a valuable resource for users of the FlexDeploy platform. It provides comprehensive documentation and information about using FlexDeploy for Test Automation. Users can browse topics on the wiki, search for specific information, and gain insights into various aspects of FlexDeploy’s functionality and features.


We maintain Blogs, Case Studies, White Papers, and Videos under Resources on our Web site.

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Make the complex simple

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