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Build Automation at Scale

Increase speed of development and testing. Accelerate the front-end of the software delivery process.

Modernize Software Delivery

Delivering high-quality software quickly starts with productive developers. But long build and integration times and complex manual and scripted processes destroy productivity and increase cycle time.

Build automation and continuous integration allow development teams to commit and verify changes more often by automating builds and tests. Instead of development following a single-track, step-by-step progression, organizations can be flexible, agile, and responsive to changing business demands.

Simplify your Toolchain with Build and Packaging in a Single Platform.

Move Faster

Eliminate manual and redundant tasks, reduce build times and increase feedback cycles.

Increase Productivity

Spend less time dealing with tools and processes and more time delivering value. Keep developers developing.

Decrease Risk

Remove the variables inherent with manual processes, eliminating the errors that go with human touches.


Implement faster and more agile processes. Be on the cutting edge of innovation with decreased time to market.

How FlexDeploy Fits In

FlexDeploy’s built-in CI server makes it easy to implement continuous integration and keep users working off one platform. Fast and easy, the way it should be.

For those already using a CI server, you can leverage your existing tooling by using the out-of-the-box integration that FlexDeploy provides for tools such as Jenkins.

Using FlexDeploy’s CI server gives you one consistent and integrated solution for building/packaging and deploying your applications to your target platforms: from your enterprise applications, middleware, database, and containers running on on-prem or in the cloud.


Go Further Than Jenkins

Jenkins is one of the most popular CI servers on the market, but it doesn’t support full Continuous Delivery pipelines, provide release automation and orchestration, or know the details of technology-specific deployments. See how Jenkins stacks up against FlexDeploy.

Why Choose FlexDeploy? Flexibility and Choice.

Use FlexDeploy’s build automation tools and continuous integration features. Or integrate with your favorite third-party options.

Build Automation

Handle the entire build and packaging process with FlexDeploy, including assembling configurations, code binaries, properties, and more.

Artifact Repository

Cut costs and reduce tool sprawl with FlexDeploy’s built-in artifact repository to improve version management of build artifacts.

Continuous Integration

Reduce complexity and scripting with continuous integration. FlexDeploy’s CI server is included and ready to go – no external integrations required.


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