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Why FlexDeploy?

Improve Speed and Quality While Reducing Risk and Complexity

Faster getting your software to market
Fewer outages
Reduction in errors by eliminating manual tasks
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ROI experienced by customers

Tame the complexity of enterprise software platforms

Achieve enterprise objectives quickly and cost-effectively — including risk management and compliance reporting. FlexDeploy creates rapid value by unifying your toolchain, delivering better software quality, and understanding dependencies while improving asset management.

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“Flexagon is a great fit for enterprises looking for DevOps capabilities that span both open systems and business systems.”

Professional services designed for your business

Gain expert support for your enterprise system and toolchain challenges. FlexDeploy Professional Services Consultants assess your software delivery life cycle. We work rapidly to improve your processes using best practices and innovative solutions that maximize your rate of return. 

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“There is a true partnership between Flexagon and USG, which is rare. I feel like I have a mouthpiece to get the help I need.”

Collect insights into your secure software delivery pipeline

Identify bottlenecks in your software delivery pipeline, optimize processes, and make data-driven decisions with dashboard-delivered insights and analytics. FlexDeploy also features advanced security measures with role-based controls that protect critical systems and data.

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FlexDeploy can do a lot. We didn’t get stuck on any use cases that we couldn’t execute. Flexagon’s technical support provided multiple options for ways to solve our complex landscape challenges.”

Automate the manual tasks involved in managing business systems

Increase efficiency and extensibility while lowering operational costs for manual tasks. The FlexDeploy plugin library has ready-to-use integrations for your DevOps tools and technologies. Never again will your developers have to build and maintain integrations.

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“The breadth and depth of plugins for Oracle, open source, and other commercial tools and technologies is second to none.”

Manage complex infrastructure and configurations

Create uniformity across environments. FlexDeploy manages multiple application configurations, environment-specific parameters, and deployment properties. It also includes a package-based model for assembling and deploying applications. DevOps teams even have the ability to dynamically assemble and deploy applications and track their status down to the file level.

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“We’re at a point where we just know it’s going to work when something is deployed. We’re not guessing anymore. Deploy one or one hundred and we know it will work.”

Streamline software development and delivery processes

Automate the software delivery process from continuous integration and build to deployment and release orchestration. FlexDeploy delivers software faster while reducing errors and increasing compliance.

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“At Heathrow we have an architecture principle of buy, not build. Going with FlexDeploy was adhering to that principle, and we have leveraged FlexDeploy extensively.”

Contract a customer-first DevOps company

Overcome the complexities of enterprise systems and your ever-growing toolchain. You already know software is never enough. You also need experts that stand behind it. When contacting Flexagon, you’ll speak with the people who create FlexDeploy and know DevOps. We stand alongside you to create rapid improvements, solve existing challenges, and achieve upcoming objectives.

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“Flexagon provided real subject matter experts and kept them available through the process. They were flexible in their approach and took our feedback to enhance the product to meet our needs.”

DevOps that Improve Your Business Results

Turn to FlexDeploy for an integrated and extensible DevOps platform.
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