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Why FlexDeploy?

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What is DevOps?

Traditionally, software was created in large-scale, monolithic bundles. New features were created in large packages and released in full-scale, infrequent, major deployments. The teams responsible for writing the code were separated from those responsible for code deployment and support. That separation led to misaligned KPIs, poor quality control and constant friction resulting in high-pressure situations and dissatisfied customers.

DevOps rose out of the notion that development and operational teams should work together to align objectives, process, timelines and measurement of success. Breaking down team silos would improve communications, effectively address software quality concerns and improve customer satisfaction.

10 Reasons for Choosing the FlexDeploy DevOps Platform

Current State of Adoption

Myriad tools across the value stream help unify teams in various stages of the software delivery lifecycle. However, software teams continue to struggle to reduce time to market and accelerate customer value. As companies continue to refine cross-functional communication issues, they are also burdened with significant technological advances and challenges.

of enterprises have adopted DevOps to some degree
of tech leaders believe they have optimized the benefits of DevOps

Heightened Challenges for the Technology Evolution

Due to the urgent and monumental response by product and technology teams during the pandemic, business demand and expectations only intensified.
Tech teams continue the shift to more agile and continuous software development and delivery. They are adopting new architectures, cloud services, applications, middleware and tools that support planning, testing, securing and monitoring of the software development lifecycle.
This ever-expanding technology landscape is combined with existing complex and intricate legacy systems with deep-rooted processes that will not likely be replaced given institutional value.
A vast library of tools has been adopted to help streamline the development and delivery workflow, but now organizations struggle to manage and support a disparate DevOps toolchain.
Demonstrating value improvement becomes increasingly difficult as teams contend with accessing data through this toolchain and providing comprehensive visualizations of business impact beyond DevOps standard metrics.


of organizations will switch from multiple point solutions to value stream platforms by 2024, up from 20% in 2021.

Source: October 2021 Gartner VSDP Market Guide.

A DevOps Evolution: Value Stream Delivery Platform

A Value Stream Delivery Platform (VSDP), or an Integrated Software Delivery Platform (ISDP) as it is sometimes called, enables continuous delivery. They help to streamline workflows as organizations adopt cloud, container-native architecture, and agile development methodologies to support digital transformation. Ultimately, organizations benefit through:
Enhanced developer experience
Integrated security and compliance
Accelerated time to customer value
Elevated competitive advantage

Continuous Innovation: Incremental, measurable steps lay the foundation for big results.

Tame the Complexity: A Comprehensive, Integrated Approach to DevOps

Flexagon is the exclusive provider of a comprehensive, integrated DevOps platform that tames enterprise platform complexity.  FlexDeploy makes it simple for global leaders such as PellaHeathrow and Takeda Pharmaceutical to drive continuous innovation through secure, quality software—achieving more customer value at lower cost with less risk.

Too good to be true? Anchored in Build Automation, Continuous Integration, and an Artifact Repository, FlexDeploy also offers at its core Deployment Automation and Release Orchestration. See it in action.

Built for your entire software development lifecycle and landscape, FlexDeploy is recognized by Gartner and Forrester as the exclusive platform that provides OOTB support for enterprise software platforms, or COTS, taming the complexities of ecosystems like Salesforce®, Oracle® and SAP®.  Read the report.

Security and stability doesn’t mean sacrificing speed and agility. Mature your end-to-end processes for developing, delivering, and maintaining secure IT solutions through role-based permissions, SSO, MFA and integration with key tools such as CyberArk, Checkmarx, SonarQube, and many more. Watch the webinar.

Coupling of less mature tools with open source and commercial technologies creates increased cost, training and support. Pre-built plugins and integrations ease the management of a vast DevOps toolchain, providing the flexibility of best-of-breed or unique tool choices. Learn more.

Increase collaboration and visibility across the value stream through reports and dashboards designed to measure SDLC metrics and business impact. Align with business stakeholders to set organizational objectives, then measure and refine for continuous improvement. Learn More.

Improving employee experience and satisfaction is top of mind for all tech leaders today. With FlexDeploy developers to DBAs to Ops collaborate to build repeatable, error-prone processes that meet aggressive business strategies and timelines. No software wrangling, complex training or late nights and weekends spent waiting to press a button or responding to urgent calls. Learn More.

Simplify the complexities of DevOps. Deliver more to the business.