Deliver Better Software Faster, with Less Cost and Risk

FlexDeploy is a DevOps platform for Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Release Automation, enabling enterprises to deliver better software faster. You can enable CI/CD, containers, & cloud, automate processes with plugins, and improve your team’s work-life balance.

Transform IT into a Strategic Business Enabler

Do more than keep the lights on. FlexDeploy helps IT teams innovate and improve their ROI.

  • Speed up software delivery to meet business needs.
  • Reduce errors and lower your risk of failed deployments.
  • Decrease costs associated with manual tasks, scripting, and deployment-related outages.
  • Increase visibility and automate provisioning, build, deploy, test, and release across environments.

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How a Fortune 50 Company Used FlexDeploy to Shorten Release Cycles by 3X

DevOps Case Study: The Need for Speed at Scale

Spending too much time on deployment? One Fortune 50 company working with Oracle EBS, Microsoft TFS, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry used FlexDeploy to dramatically increase their speed at scale.

  •  3X shorter release cycle
  •  4X shorter outage windows during deployments


FlexDeploy has shifted our developers’ focus to writing code and delivering enhancements that help our business, and away from the time consuming and error prone deployment activities. Faster software development, more frequent releases into production, and higher quality.

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The FlexDeploy DevOps platform empowers enterprise IT to reduce their workload while improving speed and quality.

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