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Tame the complexity of enterprise software platforms

Organizations can accelerate their software delivery process using FlexDeploy plugins for Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP automating build, deploy and admin tasks. By leveraging FlexDeploy’s discovery and dependency management capabilities, organizations can effectively manage their software assets, understand dependencies, and ensure smooth and reliable deployments. FlexDeploy also provides an integrated CI/CD toolchain to accelerate development cycles, improve software quality, and safely deliver value to your customers more quickly.


Automated workflows

Package-based model

Test automation framework

Automated security and compliance

Integrated CI/CD toolchain

Visual pipeline and release management

Technology automation plugins

Real time visibility and insights

Automate the manual tasks involved in managing business systems

FlexDeploy provides plugins for managing a wide range of business systems, such as Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP. This can help teams to automate many of the manual tasks that are typically involved in managing these systems. FlexDeploy also provides a library of pre-built integrations for common DevOps tools and technologies. This can save teams time and effort compared to building and maintaining custom integrations.

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Streamline and automate your software development and delivery processes

FlexDeploy provides a suite of features for automating the software delivery process, from continuous integration and build automation to deployment automation and release orchestration. This can help teams to deliver software more quickly and reliably, with fewer errors.

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Manage complex infrastructure and configurations

FlexDeploy provides features for managing application configurations, environment-specific parameters, and deployment properties. This can help teams to ensure that their applications are configured consistently across different environments. FlexDeploy also provides a package-based model for assembling and deploying applications. This can help teams to more dynamically assemble and deploy applications, and to track the status of each deployment down to the file level.

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Gain insights into your secure software delivery pipeline

FlexDeploy provides insights and analytics on the software delivery pipeline, allowing teams to identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, and make data-driven decisions. FlexDeploy also includes advanced security features to protect critical systems and data.

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Professional services designed for your business

The Flexagon team specializes in helping customers overcome the complexities of enterprise systems and the vast, ever-growing toolchain used to support the process. Our Professional Services Consultants not only understand the technology but how to effectively assess your software delivery life cycle for rapid improvement. Invest now to set it up right the first time and avoid unforeseen obstacles that decrease your ultimate rate of return.

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