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Introducing FlexDeploy 7.0!
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Unleash DevOps Potential, Ignite Business Success

Designed to unleash your DevOps potential, our latest release will ignite your business success! FlexDeploy 7.0 delivers a new user experience for releases and pipelines, including the release dashboard for viewing and managing the release execution. Gain deeper release insights to streamline your software delivery and meet your unique requirements.

Review our release review webinar to discover how you can unlock invaluable release insights to enhance your software delivery process and cater to your specific needs with the powerful FlexDeploy 7.0. Watch now.

Next-Gen User Experience for Release and Pipelines

More efficiency managing releases and pipelines

Experience a modernized UI/UX for Release and Pipeline Management, bringing a fresh look and feel to streamline your software delivery process. Our enhanced user interface offers a more intuitive and visually appealing experience, coupled with deeper release insights for improved decision-making. 

Work Items Integration

Visualize work items and commits included in a release

Easily link and associate work items to specific code changes and commits, giving you full visibility into the development process. This feature allows you to effortlessly track the progress of your work items and see how they align with your code changes.  

Whether you are a developer, release manager, or a member of the quality assurance team, FlexDeploy’s work item and commit visualization feature will undoubtedly streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration. Embrace the efficiency and clarity that FlexDeploy brings to the table.  

New Scan Gate

Make informed decisions and take prompt action to safeguard your software

Enhance your software security and effortlessly identify vulnerabilities, static code analysis errors, and dynamic application security testing results. 

The Scan Results Gate provides a comprehensive and automated approach to security testing for your applications. By integrating vulnerability scans, static code analysis, and dynamic application security testing into your deployment pipeline, you can proactively identify and address potential issues before they become major concerns. 

Promote to Release

Develop in parallel without waiting for others on your team

Feature driven development is a practical Agile approach suited for long-term, complex projects. This includes gaining an accurate understanding of the content and context of the project and building a features list.  

 We have introduced the concept of project/package-scoped releases which manage a single feature or component through non-production environments. Since each component is a separate release, the lifecycle is completely independent allowing parallel development. 

Release Setting

Manage and configure all your release settings in single intuitive interface

With a simplified interface, there’s now a single, intuitive interface to configure all release settings. 

In this new interface, you can define the default pipeline and branch name for your releases. This ensures consistency and saves valuable time by automatically pre-populating these settings for each release. 

You can also personalize the naming convention for your snapshots, making it easier to identify and manage them throughout your release process. 

Release Folders

Easily categorize and manage your deployments based on specific projects or initiatives

Easily categorize and manage your deployments based on specific projects or initiatives. This hierarchical structure provides a clear and intuitive way to navigate and locate releases, making it easier to stay organized and maintain an efficient workflow. 

Release Security

Simplify permission management and reduce the overhead of configuring security settings individually

The security settings for releases are inherited from the parent folder, ensuring consistent access controls across your deployment environment. This simplifies permission management and reduces the overhead of configuring security settings individually for each release. 

Next-Gen User Experience for Webhooks

Improve developer productivity and efficiency 

Experience a modernized user interface and user experience (UI/UX) with our latest update for both incoming and outgoing webhook screens. 

Developers can now leverage an advanced code editor with autocomplete functionality designed for groovy scripts. With autocomplete capabilities, writing complex groovy scripts becomes faster and more accurate, allowing developers to focus on building robust webhook integrations. 

Two-Factor Authentication

Enhance the security of your account and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access

Protect your FlexDeploy account with an added layer of security using our built-in support for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Easily enable 2FA using the Authenticator app on your browser or mobile device, ensuring only authorized users gain access to your account.

Manage SSO Configurations

Conveniently configure and manage your SSO settings in one centralized location

Take control of your Single Sign-on (SSO) configurations with ease using the intuitive FlexDeploy UI. We have enhanced our platform to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for managing SSO configurations, including group mapping. 

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