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Introducing FlexDeploy 6.5!
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Transform Developer Productivity, Transform Your Business

Increase developer productivity and operational efficiency, with a modern, tailored user experience and customizable dashboards. Accelerate delivery through enhanced automated testing and reduce costs and security and compliance risk with integrated security scanning. Customers can upgrade from any prior release using a simplified process which saves time and speeds adoption.

Blackout Windows

More control over deployment environments

One of the most highly requested features we’ve heard from customers, Blackout Windows provide control over deployment pipelines and help mitigate risk during key windows of company revenue.

Blackout windows – scheduled periods where developers are prevented from deploying code to an environment or target – prevent accidental deployments and can be configured to be one-time or recurring.

Work Items

Share and track flow, support traceability, add context, share progress and status

Easily track flow from customer request to production with work items. Work items are a single location to manage tasks in FlexDeploy. Have a clear picture of where your tasks are in the release pipeline, who is working on it, if a build is created that contains a fix related to it, and other information that your team needs to stay productive and focused.

FlexDeploy has always integrated with external work item systems such as JIRA, GitHub, and Azure Boards. Integration with those systems is enhanced in 6.5 to provide more visibility into comments, attachments, and change history.

FlexDeploy now comes with an internal project management tool allowing users to more easily collaborate and be more efficient across the development lifecycle. Work items (native or external) can be viewed in a common page, providing a single pane of glass within FlexDeploy.

Next-Gen User Experience

Tailor the appearance, permissions, and views for an optimized and secure user experience

Clearly and easily see all targets, environments, and endpoints using the new targets screen, and a sleek endpoints table. Customize and set a consistent color for environments to easily where they are used throughout the application.

A new unified location to manage all integrations makes it even easier to work with whatever tools fit best in your toolchain. Additionally, role-based access permissions have been extended to include object-level permission support for Environment and Target Groups, allowing users more control and security.

Enjoy a personalized user experience and drive security, productivity, and efficiency.

Salesforce Enhancements

Increase productivity, keep your orgs clean, and get better visibility into comparisons

  • Browser Extension increases Salesforce pro-code and no-code developer productivity, allowing them to trigger actions in FlexDeploy without leaving Salesforce.
  • Support for Destructive Packages allows you to delete components from Salesforce Orgs, along with retrieving and deploying them to Salesforce Orgs – allowing you to remove retired or no longer required components.
  • Comparison improvements to compare results at sub-component level, and not simply at file level.

Role-Based Access

Give people the access they need, and secure environments using role-based access.

With a simplified interface, object-level permission is now supported for Environment and Target groups allowing control over Read and Update permissions for specific targets.  For example, Production Targets can be restricted to be managed by Operators while other Targets can be managed by other Groups. All Global Permissions can be managed from a central location for all FlexDeploy Groups.

Test Automation

Run tests automatically and utilize results to improve software quality

Integrate test automation using your preferred testing tools and frameworks to accelerate delivery of high-quality software by reducing manual test cycles. Define and store your tests along with your source code and utilize continuous testing in your release pipelines. Assess quality metrics and thresholds and trigger actions based on results.

Software Supply Chain Security

Identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities without compromise.

Guard against security vulnerabilities in your software supply chain with integrated security scanning within your CI/CD pipeline. Continuously identify and address known vulnerabilities and trigger actions based on the results.

Customizable Dashboard

Track the effectiveness of your Development and Delivery processes

Display software delivery performance metrics of build and release pipelines, including DORA metrics, and facilitate continuous improvement. View statistics, trends, and recent activities for an enhanced user experience.

Project Insights

Visualize project data across your CI/CD pipeline from code commit to deployments

Review insights and metrics into your project’s software delivery performance to continuously improve your value stream process.

Issue and Deploy Tracking

Know what issues and commits have been deployed

Automatically tracks issues and commits through builds and deployments for complete traceability. Easily track what commits and issues have been deployed to an environment and at what time.

Enhanced Home Page

View, discover, learn, and advance your FlexDeploy knowledge at your convenience

Popular Blogs, Getting Started Videos, Discover and Learn articles are made available in the Home Page and regularly curated and updated.

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