Designed to optimize the developer experience, our latest release may just help you to transform your business!  Too tall an order? Join us as we reveal FlexDeploy 6.0. Learn how you can customize the experience from navigation through reporting to streamline and continuously improve your value stream process—end to end.

Transform Developer Productivity, Transform Your Business

Increase developer productivity and operational efficiency, with a modern, tailored user experience and customizable dashboards. Accelerate delivery through enhanced automated testing and reduce costs and security and compliance risk with integrated security scanning. Customers can upgrade from any prior release using a simplified process which saves time and speeds adoption.

Next-Gen User Experience

Tailor the appearance, navigation, and search queries for an optimized user experience.

Find your projects, packages, and pages quickly without navigating the menu and hierarchies of objects using the new global search. Access recent, indicate favorites for quicker access, and tag several types of objects and search by tag.

Quickly access the data you are interested in, and in the format, you want, through powerful saved queries capability.

Enjoy a personalized user experience and drive productivity and efficiency.

Test Automation

Run tests automatically and utilize results to improve software quality

Integrate test automation using your preferred testing tools and frameworks to accelerate delivery of high-quality software by reducing manual test cycles. Define and store your tests along with your source code and utilize continuous testing in your release pipelines. Assess quality metrics and thresholds and trigger actions based on results.

Software Supply Chain Security

Identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities without compromise.

Guard against security vulnerabilities in your software supply chain with integrated security scanning within your CI/CD pipeline. Continuously identify and address known vulnerabilities and trigger actions based on the results.

Customizable Dashboard

Track the effectiveness of your Development and Delivery processes

Display software delivery performance metrics of build and release pipelines, including DORA metrics, and facilitate continuous improvement. View statistics, trends, and recent activities for an enhanced user experience.

Project Insights

Visualize project data across your CI/CD pipeline from code commit to deployments

Review insights and metrics into your project’s software delivery performance to continuously improve your value stream process.

Issue and Deploy Tracking

Know what issues and commits have been deployed

Automatically tracks issues and commits through builds and deployments for complete traceability. Easily track what commits and issues have been deployed to an environment and at what time.

Enhanced Home Page

View, discover, learn, and advance your FlexDeploy knowledge at your convenience

Popular Blogs, Getting Started Videos, Discover and Learn articles are made available in the Home Page and regularly curated and updated.

New to FlexDeploy?

Let us show you how it can help you to simplify the complexities of DevOps for your team.

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