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Flexagon Releases FlexDeploy 2.0

Flexagon FlexDeploy 2.0 – Automating the Enterprise

April 30, 2015 – Flexagon today announced the release of FlexDeploy Version 2.0, which further improves the speed, quality, and cost of software delivery both on premise and in the cloud. FlexDeploy significantly lowers project risk and complexity and accelerates the overall project lifecycle. FlexDeploy provides a comprehensive and integrated environment for the entire build, deploy, and release life cycle, enabling our clients to capitalize on their investments faster and decrease cost and risk of delivering solutions based on Oracle Fusion Middleware and Applications.

FlexDeploy 2.0 Highlights

  • Oracle Cloud – Support deployments to Oracle PaaS Java Cloud Service (JCS) and Database Cloud Service (DB CS),  making it easy to deploy ADF or other Java based applications into the Oracle Cloud.
  • Continuous Integration – Native CI within FlexDeploy provides the ability to integrate frequent changes into the build process without requiring additional tools.  This reduces complexity and allows developers to easily start using CI based software development processes.
  • Agentless Architecture – eliminates the need to install and administer agents on deployment targets, therefore improving the speed, cost, and security of deployments both on premise and in the cloud. This sets the stage for dramatic adoption of cloud based architectures and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Oracle EBS Solution Pack for Customization and Personalization. The Solution Pack helps automate migration of Oracle EBS OAF View Objects, Entity Objects, Page Objects, and Substitutions.
  • REST interfaces to execute FlexDeploy operations via external calls, providing additional flexibility to orchestrate the overall build, deploy, test, life cycle.
  • Support for Microsoft Active Directory authentication
  • Build Tracking  – provides fast and seamless visibility to the details of any build directly within FlexDeploy.

FlexDeploy Benefits

  • Accelerate Software Delivery – Faster application deployment and release cycles can help improve business agility. In many cases, hours and days become minutes. Deployment speed can also increase the amount and complexity of change that can occur in a maintenance window.
  • Enable improved Quality – Manual processes are error prone, and troubleshooting deployment issues can be extremely difficult and time consuming. Enhancing the quality of your deployment process can significantly improve availability across all environments.
  • Visible, Repeatable, Auditable – What, where, who, and when… information at your fingertips to help improve traceability and compliance.
  • Helps reduce cost – Can decrease or eliminate the need for manual steps, building and maintaining scripts, and troubleshooting problems associated with failed deployments.

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