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FlexDeploy 4.0.3 is now Available! 

Release Highlights

The footprint of tools and technology supported by FlexDeploy continues to expand rapidly, and our latest release available today is no exception.  Here are a few examples of the wide range of support provided by our market leading DevOps and Automation platform; comprehensive to say the least:

  • Salesforce and Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware and MuleSoft
  • ServiceNow and Jira
  • Git and ClearCase
  • Amazon AWS and Oracle IaaS/PaaS

FlexDeploy 4.0.3 provides enhancements across Build, Deploy, Test, and Release processes, helping customers achieve extreme automation and continuous software delivery for their commercial and open source technologies. The latest version of FlexDeploy provides new features, plugins, and integrations for Salesforce, MuleSoft, ServiceNow, Oracle E-Business Suite, IBM ClearCase, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Cloud, and more.  While continuing to invest in the already robust support for Oracle Database, Middleware, Applications, and Cloud, Flexagon continues to rapidly expand FlexDeploy support for many open source and commercial technologies. Beyond core features, we have increased the breadth of platforms supported, improved usability, and further enabled users to leverage the investments in their existing toolchain.  Fast, impactful, and affordable implementations, propelling your DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Release Automation strategies forward to achieve the results IT and Business leaders are demanding.

In addition to the new plugins for MuleSoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and ClearCase, the new release includes many additional functional enhancements and usability improvements.

Additional detail on the enhancements in FlexDeploy 4.0.3


FlexDeploy now has extensive support for MuleSoft, adding automation, controls, and visibility to MuleSoft implementations. Deploying and managing MuleSoft applications and domains with FlexDeploy leverages comprehensive environment/property management and workflow orchestration to automate deployment and server management activities. FlexDeploy provides the controls and visibility required to effectively develop within and administer MuleSoft implementations across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid architectures.


FlexDeploy’s support for Salesforce provides an automated and repeatable process for making changes across test and production environments. FlexDeploy increases the speed of making changes by automating tasks which would otherwise have been performed manually or have been scripted. Because the changes are automated, the quality improves, and the time and cost of delivery is reduced. Visibility via dashboards and reports helps gain insight to real-time and historical data associated with your Salesforce implementation.

Read more about our support for Salesforce.


FlexDeploy’s integration with ServiceNow provides improved user experience and efficiencies related to managing change requests and incidents as part of your end-to-end processes.


The new ClearCase plugin extends the list of popular source/version control tools already supported by FlexDeploy, such as Git, Subversion, Perforce, CVS, and TFS.  From storing traditional artifacts which feed a build or continuous integration process, or treating “infrastructure as code,” FlexDeploy has you covered with your SCM/VCS tool of choice.

General Enhancements & Usability Improvements

Whether it’s improvements to our already broad and deep support of Oracle Fusion Middleware and E-Business Suite, or features which improve security and user experience for developers, administrators, release managers, there’s something in this release for you. Here are examples of what you’ll see in the FlexDeploy 4.0.3.

  • A new screen to view build/deploy request detail, including pending and scheduled tasks, and linked Jira/ServiceNow tickets
  • Changes to the Partial Deployment model provide a hybrid approach to manage full and partial deployments in a single project, benefiting those users who take advantage of the partial deployment support
  • Security Realms (LDAP) now support Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD)
  • Additional search criteria and results columns improve existing reporting capabilities
  • Improvements to the Subversion, Perforce, and TFS Version Control plugins
  • Oracle Development tools and Fusion Middleware improvements for Oracle Service Bus, MFT, B2B, OBIEE, and APEX
  • Enhancements to the Amazon (AWS) plugin support for CloudFormation
  • FlexFields can now be configured for build requests in addition to deploy requests


If you’re new to Flexagon and FlexDeploy, you might find it strange for a “Fixpack” to contain such a long list of new features, plugins, and integrations.  Get used to it, as Flexagon is all about delivering fast and furiously, with high quality along the way. As you would expect, we use FlexDeploy to help drive our own velocity of change, enabling our customers and partners do the same. We hope you enjoy the new release.

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