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FlexDeploy Differentiators with Open Source Tools

I often get asked how FlexDeploy is related to and differentiates from open source tools such as Maven and Jenkins. Here’s an overview which should help clarify.

Build, Continuous Integration, and Release Automation tools work well for managing dependencies, building, and unit testing your applications. In part, that’s why our FlexDeploy solution includes these features out-of-the-box. However, Build, CI, and Release Automation are only part of a more comprehensive solution required to effectively Build, Deploy, Test, and Release applications across environments. Here are a few differentiating topics covered:

  • Pre-built plugins for Oracle
  • Comprehensive Build, Deploy, Test, and Release Management
  • Agentless Architecture
  • Visibility across environments, applications, and projects
  • Property and Configuration Management
  • Graphical WorkFlows

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