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Tag: Automation

Analyze a Salesforce Code Base Using PMD as Part of the CI/CD Process

FlexDeploy’s s rich DevOps features, flexibility in controlling release automation, and integrated Salesforce support provide a highly efficient solution for…

IT team happy with results on computer

Automate CPQ Migration Packages with FlexDeploy

Migration packages are a handy feature on the Oracle CPQ Cloud to move administrative data and metadata between environments. At…

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Extending the Automation of Siebel Deployments with Release and Pipeline

In a previous blog, we illustrated how to use workflows and projects to automate the build and deployment process for…

Deploying Siebel with FlexDeploy

How to Automate Siebel Deployments with FlexDeploy

The migration of Siebel repository objects can be a time-consuming and manual process. This process involves manually creating and maintaining…

FlexDeploy Notification Templates

FlexDeploy Notification Templates: Updated, Refreshed, and Customizable

FlexDeploy 5.6 introduces an exciting new feature called Notification Templates. These templates allow users to style and customize email content…

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Increase Developer Productivity with FlexDeploy Browser Extension

Have you ever been in the middle of development and had to open FlexDeploy to manually initiate a project build,…

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