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Why Kintana Isn’t a Long-Term Viability for Enterprises

Organizations that move from Kintana to FlexDeploy’s richer feature set experience major gains in productivity.

Salesforce Apex Unit Testing with FlexDeploy

Testing is a critical component of a successful, long-term development process for Salesforce. Apex supports the creation and execution of…

Kick-start DevOps for Oracle Analytics Cloud with FlexDeploy

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is a highly scalable and approachable cloud-native service. OAC provides enterprises with all the features required…

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Extending the Automation of Siebel Deployments with Release and Pipeline

In a previous blog, we illustrated how to use workflows and projects to automate the build and deployment process for…

PeopleSoft Release Automation with Approvals and Notifications

This is the final bog in our series on what makes FlexDeploy a great fit for PeopleSoft. In previous blogs…

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Continuous Integration and Deployment for Salesforce

Salesforce continues to be at the core of business operations for companies large and small around the world. It is…

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