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Topic: Automation and Orchestration

Simplify Oracle Integration and API Artifact Deployments

Discover how FlexDeploy can streamline development processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency by automating the deployment of Oracle Integration artifacts…

Release Orchestration

Assemble software components into a FlexDeploy release to orchestrate delivery across a pipeline for shared milestones.

Package-Based Model

FlexDeploy is engineered from the ground up to tame the complexities of large enterprise systems. The package-based model breaks down…

FlexDeploy Workflows

We can’t talk about DevOps without talking about automation.  Automation is at the very core of how teams increase productivity…

The DevOps Dilemma in Higher Education: Overcoming Obstacles with FlexDeploy

Unveiling the DevOps Dilemma in Higher Education and How FlexDeploy Emerges as the Solution. This whitepaper explores challenges, offers FlexDeploy’s…

Oracle Integration Cloud – Migrate Integrations, Connections and Lookups

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) serves as a unified platform for seamlessly integrating cloud and on-premises applications. FlexDeploy, a robust DevOps…

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