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Topic: Technology Plugins

Oracle Fusion Apps Solution Overview

Learn how FlexDeploy can simplify your move to the cloud.

Salesforce Browser Extension

FlexDeploy offers two approaches to manage Salesforce changes and keep a versioned history of those changes: in the FlexDeploy UI…

Salesforce Destructive Package Deployments in FlexDeploy

With FlexDeploy’s release, you can now delete components from Salesforce Orgs, along with retrieving and deploying to Salesforce Orgs….

Dell Boomi Packaged Based Deployments

FlexDeploy added support for packaged-based deployments of Dell Boomi Processes in version This means groups of Processes can be…

FlexDeploy 6.0: Container Support

Docker and Kubernetes allow development teams to move faster, deploy more efficiently, and operate at an ever-growing scale. FlexDeploy 6.0…

FlexDeploy for E-Business Suite: Release & Pipeline

Learn how the FlexDeploy for Oracle E-Business-Suite DevOps Platform is married with release and pipeline capabilities to create an automated…

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