Building DevSecOps into Your CI/CD Pipelines

DevSecOps: The key to speed, agility, security, AND stability.

DevOps has an inherent conflict of speed and agility vs. security and stability. The reality is enterprises need all of these to be successful and therefore DevSecOps has become a huge focus over the past few years. But how should you ensure security of your DevOps practices?

In this webinar, you will learn how FlexDeploy helps mature your end to end processes for developing, delivering, and maintaining secure IT solutions.

We will cover:

  • Segregation of roles and responsibilities using fine grained permissions
  • Integrating secrets and credential management with tools such as CyberArk and Hashicorp Vault
  • Applying vulnerability scanning using tools such as Acunetix, Veracode, and Checkmarx
  • Support for Single Sign On (SSO) and multi factor authentication (MFA/2FA)

Ready to investigate the balance between automation and security? Watch the on-demand webinar recording!

Meet the presenter

Dan Goerdt

President of Flexagon

Dan has been in technology leadership roles for the past 20 years. He has covered operation systems and middleware product development, technology architecture, and software solution delivery focused on Oracle, IBM, and Open Source technologies. His experience with software automation led him to form and develop Flexagon's DevOps platform: FlexDeploy. Dan is currently the President of Flexagon and leads Strategy, Marketing, and Sales for various products and services.

Chandresh Patel

Principal Architect at Flexagon

Chandresh has been working with Java EE technologies since 2000. After implementing IBM WebSphere and custom framework solutions, his past 10 years have been focused on Oracle Fusion Middleware such as WebLogic, ADF, WebCenter and Coherence. He has been part of many automation projects in the past and have a passion for automation capabilities to help our customers deliver software faster and with higher quality. As a Principal Architect at Flexagon, he is driving the FlexDeploy product strategy and development to build DevOps/CI/CD features that help our customers.

Watch the Recording

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