FlexDeploy Features

Advanced Pipeline and Release Management

Manage releases as a collection of project builds running through stages of a pipeline. Each pipeline stage defines the gates and steps that orchestrate and automate changes across your software delivery lifecycle.

Environment Provisioning and Management 

Create, configure, and manage environment definitions, and administer the properties and configurations of targets within those environments.

Graphical Workflow Editor 

Create and version the processes associated with application release automation using a drag and drop editor. The editor contains a rich set of workflow and plugin operations.

Project, Application, and Folder Management 

Create and manage the Folders, Applications, and Projects associated with the infrastructure, middleware, and applications across your IT landscape.

Build and Package application artifacts 

Integrate to a third party Source Control Management (Subversion, Git, etc.) and utilize the Build and Continuous Integration (CI) tooling that come with FlexDeploy. FlexDeploy can also be integrated with external Build and CI tools such as Maven and Jenkins.


Ensure users have the appropriate level of access for their responsibilities using the role-based security model.


Utilize pre-built and tested plugins to replace manual/scripted build, deploy, and test processes. Plugins for tools and technologies such as complex middleware platforms, 3rd party tools, packaged applications, and cloud are included. See the Plugins Page for more information.

Reporting and Auditing  

Reporting and analytics capabilities provide visibility to current and historical details across environments. Easy access to the “what, who, when, and where.”


Quickly roll back to a prior working version, mitigating the impact of failed deployments and minimizing the duration and impact of system interruptions.

Approvals, Notifications, and Windows 

Establish a controlled means for managing changes across environments using configurable approvals, notifications, and scheduling capabilities.

Test Automation Framework 

Plan and execute automated functional and non-functional tests across environments using the test automation framework and test tool plugins.


Monitor your entire software delivery lifecycle with real-time and historical views of activities across environments, applications, or projects. You have access to the information needed to make proactive and informed decisions, ultimately driving continuous improvement.