What is application release automation?

Application release automation (ARA) is the process of packaging and deploying new and updated applications across environments in an automated fashion, without dealing with manual and scripted processes. It provides IT teams with a consistent method of releasing new or updated applications in less time, with fewer manual tasks.

Processes previously requiring long hours, frustrating manual steps and scripts, and delays resulting from errors can be optimized with application release automation. The software delivery process is faster, higher quality, and more efficient.

Benefits of application release automation include:

  • Streamlining processes
  • Reducing timelines and decreasing manual tasks
  • Increasing departmental agility and flexibility
  • Improving productivity and collaboration while controlling risk

To experience these benefits, organizations must incorporate five critical application release automation components: orchestration and packaging, dependencies, approvals, CI/CD support, and application release automation tools.

What are release automation tools?

Application release automation functionality is primarily found in platforms with larger capabilities.

For example, DevOps platforms often contain application release automation functionality along with build, deploy, and release features that further enable CI/CD processes.

When shopping for ARA tools, consider all the elements required to reap the full benefits of application release automation.

Flexagon’s DevOps platform – FlexDeploy – provides a continuous delivery and application release automation platform to help IT teams deliver software faster while reducing manual processes, errors, cost, and risk.

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Improve Your Development Processes with Application Release Automation

FlexDeploy is an application release automation tool that helps IT teams to speed up software delivery and improve quality.

  • Reduce manual processes by automating repeatable steps and orchestrating releases.
  • Improve oversight and quality with governance and control processes to manage changes before they’re released into production and other environments.
  • Increase release pipeline visibility with issue planning, tracking, and communication that’s visualized with dashboards and reports.

Application Release Automation

Support DevOps and Software Development Methods

Application release automation supports innovative software development.

Drive higher quality software that is released into test and production environments faster. Application release automation software supports DevOps processes and methods such as:

  • Agile
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Deployment


“FlexDeploy has anchored our DevOps and Automation strategy, helping establish a fast and repeatable process from provisioning through release. It’s a game-changer.” – Technical Architect, Global Food Manufacturer


FlexDeploy's Pre-Built Integrations and Plugins

Orchestration of the Software Delivery Toolchain

Flexagon’s FlexDeploy software is a platform IT teams can base their entire IT deployment and delivery ecosystem on. Extensive integrations and plugins connect directly to other tools in your software delivery pipeline and provide automation for specific systems. Use FlexDeploy to improve application release automation while maximizing the other tools your team is most comfortable with.


Application Release Automation for IT Teams

Reduce the burden of manual tasks by using FlexDeploy’s application release automation to orchestrate and automate deployments and increase visibility into your pipeline.

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