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Artifact Repository

The foundation you need to go from manual to continuous.

What is an Artifact Repository?

An Artifact Repository is foundational to a CI/CD pipeline. It stores build artifacts and makes them available for automated deployment to future stages—from testing to production.

Build artifacts are the packages of code, customizations and changes created during the build process. They are stored in a repository ready to be deployed to a future environment.

Regardless of how often your team is committing changes or how many developers you have working on a project, the number of build artifacts can quickly get out of hand. An artifact repository is a central location and single source of truth for the whole team to store, log, version and organize those builds. It is a critical piece of the CI/CD puzzle

Why FlexDeploy? Flexibility and Choice.

Your toolchain is complex enough. Leveraging the integrated FlexDeploy solution reduces overall complexity and cost and helps you focus on delivering software faster and more effectively. It limits tool sprawl, and minimizes the time required to learn the details of a “toolbox” of low-level tools and extend those tools to perform deployment and release management across environments.

FlexDeploy gives you the option to leverage a built-in Artifact Repository OOTB or leverage an existing tool in conjunction with FlexDeploy.

Already using an Artifact Repository tool?

Leverage your existing tooling by using FlexDeploy’s out-of-the-box integration for tools such as Nexus and Artifactory.

Prefer to have your Artifact Repository built-in?

FlexDeploy makes it easy to implement continuous integration and keeps users working off one platform. Fast and easy, the way it should be.


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