Artifactory and Nexus Plugins Released for FlexDeploy

Recently, Flexagon released two new plugins for FlexDeploy that makes it simple and easy to pull desired artifacts from your repository:

These are two of the more popular artifact repositories used today.  Often, after performing a build in a tool like Jenkins, TeamCity, or CruiseControl, the artifacts will be stored in one of these two repositories.

If you would like to deploy these artifacts using FlexDeploy, first we need to extract these artifacts from either the Artifactory or Nexus repository and get the artifact into FlexDeploy. To do this, you can create a build workflow in FlexDeploy using one of the two new FlexDeploy plugins, which will pull the artifact from the external repository into FlexDeploy’s internal build repository.  Once the artifact is in Flexagon’s internal build repository, you can deploy the artifact using Flexagon’s rich deployment capabilities.


Each of these two plugin operations will get one artifact from its repository manager.  If you have multiple artifacts to retrieve, just call the plugin multiple times.

More information is available at:

FlexDeploy Nexus Plugin Guide

FlexDeploy Artifactory Plugin Guide


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