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New in 7.0: Incoming and Outgoing Webhooks

Webhooks can provide powerful connections into and out of FlexDeploy to supercharge integrations and DevOps processes. They are a compelling part of FlexDeploy’s suite of automation tools, allowing users to integrate FlexDeploy with other DevOps tools like source control, issue tracking, and change management. These integrations alleviate the need to go back and forth updating statuses between applications or manually initiate builds after changes are made. In short, Webhooks provide efficiencies and help your teams spend more time innovating and less time doing manual and tedious tasks.

With 7.0 we are excited to release new functionality and improved UI/UX for both Incoming and Outgoing Webhooks.

Incoming Webhooks

Combining Providers and Functions

In previous versions of FlexDeploy, we had two separate screens for Incoming Webhook Providers and Functions. With 7.0 we decided to unify the two screens for a simpler configuration experience and better ease of use. Now each Provider has a dropdown menu to configure functions related to it.

Combined Webhook Providers and Functions

Outgoing Webhooks

New Events

With previous versions of FlexDeploy, we had 8 different events that could trigger an Outgoing Webhook to execute. In our new release, we have more than doubled that number by adding 9 more events! These new events empower developers by improving productivity and efficiency.

New Events added to Outgoing Webhooks
New EventDescription
Comment AddedA comment is created inside FlexDeploy
Comment UpdatedA comment is updated inside FlexDeploy
Comment DeletedA comment is deleted inside FlexDeploy
Package CreatedA Package is created in a FlexDeploy Project.
Tag AssignedA FlexDeploy Tag is assigned to an object in FlexDeploy like an Environment, Target Group, or Project
Tag UnassignedA FlexDeploy Tag is unassigned to an object in FlexDeploy like an Environment, Target Group, or Project
Task ApprovedAn Approval Task is approved inside FlexDeploy
Task RejectedAn Approval Task is rejected inside FlexDeploy
User CreatedA user is created inside FlexDeploy. This can be particularly useful with Single Sign-On (SSO) Realms.

Improvements Across Both Incoming and Outgoing Webhooks

Some of the improvements we made to Incoming and Outgoing Webhooks are not exclusive to one or the other.

Code Editor

With the release of 7.0, Incoming and Outgoing Webhooks have access to FlexDeploy’s modern code editor. Features like drafts, full screen mode, and code suggestions now are in all the code editors throughout both the Incoming and Outgoing Webhooks Screens. With autocomplete capabilities, writing complex groovy scripts becomes faster and more accurate, allowing developers to focus on building robust webhook integrations. 

New code editor features

Script Functions

Inside the editor, we added more functionality to each of the groovy scripts by including more built-in functions. There is now an even more well-rounded suite of functions to access outside integrations, execute processes elsewhere inside FlexDeploy, or write key details to log messages for easier debugging. Some key highlights that were added to both Incoming and Outgoing Webhooks include Azure, Bitbucket, HMAC and REST functions.

New code editor script functions


We’re very excited to have customers use our new Incoming and Outgoing Webhooks interface and enjoy a consistent look and feel across all execution details. The improvements to both Incoming and Outgoing Webhooks will improve ease of use when configuring and working with FlexDeploy’s Webhooks while simultaneously adding a few powerful new features into the mix.

FlexDeploy 7.0 Release

This blog gave you a sneak preview of some of the big changes coming in FlexDeploy. Join us on November 29th when we unveil FlexDeploy 7.0 and learn how it will unleash DevOps potential.

Coming Soon: FlexDeploy 7.0 Incoming and Outgoing Webhooks

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