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How To Create App Harmony With Oracle Fusion

As software increasingly drives business, the number of applications in use proliferates. So, it’s important to tie these apps together to achieve efficiency. Oracle Fusion unites many apps into a seamless whole. This software helps enterprises deal with human resources, finances, supply chain management, customer experience, and all the other essential elements of business.

Oracle Fusion Applications perform the functions of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. They work with Oracle Cloud to deliver fast and reliable service. All the different apps share a common basis so you have a single consistent source of data.

This combination of apps creates a harmonious strategy to streamline operations. Its proven framework breaks down silos and builds productivity. Most importantly, Oracle Fusion lets your different tools communicate with each other. FlexDeploy further accelerates the pipeline with its powerful automation and integrations.

Downsides of Manual Migration to the Cloud

While moving apps to the cloud is a laudable goal, doing so manually adds many risks. Often, the data migration doesn’t go smoothly, impacting functionality and business operations. And since most Oracle users have substantial customizations, it’s extremely difficult—if not impossible—to migrate to the cloud manually.

The monetary costs of migration include its planning and execution. These tolls are much higher when each step has to be done by hand. What’s more, manual approaches take a lot of time. And to the extent that a migration requires manually rewriting code, it adds an immense amount of risk to the project’s scheduling and viability.

Oracle Fusion: Making Migration Easier for Businesses

The difficulties of manual cloud migration can be solved with Oracle Fusion. This collection of software makes it easy to migrate technology like Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to the cloud. There, it tackles the challenges facing modern businesses, providing a comprehensive suite of technologies.

Using Oracle Fusion brings several key advantages in cloud migration:

  • Unified Platform: Manage apps on-premise or in the cloud. This lets companies easily move their apps to the cloud without acquiring new tools or procedures.
  • Built-In Integration: Its collaboration feature enables various tools to talk to each other. This means current tools can be combined with cloud-based apps for a seamless transfer.
  • Cloud-Ready Architecture: Oracle Fusion’s cloud-ready framework lets companies expand their apps as needed.
  • Automated Migration Tools: Moving data and apps to the cloud is simple and can be done in a timely and effective way.
  • Consistent User Experience: All your applications will share a look-and-feel to improve usability. People will instantly understand how to interact with your software.

FlexDeploy for Oracle Fusion: Accelerating Migration to the Cloud

To make Oracle Fusion even better, FlexDeploy offers a modern DevOps experience. It accelerates cloud migration while automating tasks such as testing and deployment.

Traditionally, cloud migrations for Oracle Fusion suffered from slow and error-prone manual processes. Those problems added to the financial cost. Using FlexDeploy, you can provision Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Then, it’s straightforward to build and deploy applications and middleware configurations.

Organizations using FlexDeploy cut software delivery times from hours to mere minutes through automation. Activities that once took many laborious steps can now be done almost instantly by software. Quality also improves. When you eliminate tedious human tasks through automation, you reduce errors and free up skilled time to create better apps. This better software is more secure and offers greater functionality.

FlexDeploy’s benefits continue even after software is released. For instance, file-level visibility hugely improves accountability, making audits accurate. And the end-to-end automation mitigates the risks associated with manual procedures and one-off scripts.

In addition, FlexDeploy’s extensive feature set includes a visual dashboard to reveal development progress, approval, and notifications through your preferred communications channels. Security is also integral to the package. And more than a hundred plugins connect with the open source and commercial tools developers trust.

FlexDeploy for Oracle Fusion Middleware

The plugins and integrations in FlexDeploy support many DevSecOps practices from development to release. Among these are functions for Oracle Fusion Middleware—you can now automate the entire life cycle for cloud apps. Out-of-the-box support in FlexDeploy covers many technologies, including Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Service Bus, and Oracle WebLogic.

Instead of problematic manual procedures and scripts, you’ll see a fast and accurate automated process. Administration becomes secure and standardized, while the release management features magnify your build and deployment efficiency.

And it’s not just Oracle Fusion Middleware—FlexDeploy also automates and orchestrates processes for databases and applications. This works for any combination of tools and environments you choose, with a focus on the cloud.

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DevOps for Oracle Cloud With FlexDeploy

FlexDeploy goes well beyond cloud migration with complete functionality for DevOps. Use the technology to manage code, infrastructure, and configurations. It also supports continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) to enhance your DevOps efforts. Additional benefits include:

  • Release Automation: Enjoy faster, higher-quality, and more cost-effective app delivery. FlexDeploy optimally complements Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Cloud solutions and can be downloaded from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS): Manage cloud infrastructure such as processing and storage resources. FlexDeploy also works at the platform level to assist with databases and app containers. What’s more, you can integrate the software with Oracle EBS and many other technologies.
  • Workflow Management: With FlexDeploy’s graphical editor, it’s easy to create and manage workflows and automate quality assurance (QA). The total build/deploy/test/release process is automatic, so you’ll see identical results over your environments.
  • Security Controls: FlexDeploy includes sophisticated access controls to handle security and approval procedures and quickly roll back changes. The traceability enables you to determine which code makes it into production safely and fix any issues.

In addition, FlexDeploy automates migration of Oracle SaaS configurations. This saves time and effort compared to manually using the Functional Setup Manager. Bulk setup management is also far more efficient and simplifies migration among Oracle SaaS environments.

Automate Oracle Fusion With FlexDeploy

Oracle Fusion brings multiple enterprise applications into a cohesive whole. It’s also faster and more capable when managed with FlexDeploy. The plugins built specifically for Oracle Fusion Middleware deliver all the advantages of automation.

FlexDeploy for Oracle Fusion accelerates the migration process while maintaining accuracy and stability. In place of manual methods and scripts, unify your efforts to attain app harmony. Request a demo to see how FlexDeploy can improve your enterprise software.

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