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Flexagon Releases FlexDeploy 4.5

FlexDeploy 4.5 Series Updates

FlexDeploy 4.5

Flexagon is excited to announce the release of FlexDeploy 4.5 today! This release is packed with new and exciting features. Here are a few:

  • Advanced Pipeline & Release Automation – manage releases as a collection of project builds running through a pipeline. Each pipeline stage defines the gates and steps that orchestrate and automate changes across your software delivery lifecycle. 
  • Utility Workflows – execute utility operations outside of a build and deploy lifecycle (e.g. server recycle, batch jobs, etc.).
  • Redesigned Topology – a new visual, drag ‘n drop, and user-friendly interface to manage your topology. 

You can see more details in our Release Notes, or feel free to reach out to us to explore  these new features in more detail.

FlexDeploy 4.5.1

FlexDeploy 4.5.1 is now available! Similar to previous fixpacks, Flexagon focused on the continuous delivery of new features and capabilities while providing fixes to the existing product. This blog post briefly describes the enhancements as well as a summary of the smaller changes/fixes included within 4.5.1. For full details, you can see the Release Notes here.

General Enhancements and Fixes

  • Partial Deploy Project files sort issue
  • Performance improvements for Home and Dashboard pages.
  • Various fixes and format changes for Environment Discrepancy report.
  • Additional methods added for Pipeline gate and step Precondition groovy script to determine if any Deploy or Utility executions failed.
  • Added screen to view list of applied SQL patches. This will be helpful when performing FlexDeploy upgrades.
  • Ability to update application Log Level from UI. This will make it easy to debug issues in FlexDeploy when necessary.

New Plugin

  • Informatica: Supports movement of Informatica artifacts using deployment groups. Read More

Plugin Enhancements and Fixes

  • Oracle E-Business Suite – Added support for EBS 11.5.10.
  • JDBC – Added support for partial deploy. This will allow customers to easily track SQL file executions by creating Package. SQL files are sorted based on file extensions, but developers can tweak execution when Package is built as well. This also supports retry count and ability to ignore failures at file level.
  • File – Added support for partial deploy.This will allow customers to move files to various target locations from one source control folder. Files can be updated with Owner, Group and Permissions on Unix targets. Additionally files can be executed as well after move.
  • WebLogic – Enhanced log messages for JMS deployments.
  • REST – Added an option to do REST with Preemptive Basic Auth to support Jira and other sites.
  • JDeveloper – Added new operation to install JDeveloper extensions.

Whether you are new to FlexDeploy or a long-time customer or partner, we look forward to your feedback on the contents of 4.5.1 and suggestions for how FlexDeploy can improve your end-to-end software delivery processes.

FlexDeploy 4.5.2

Those of you familiar with Flexagon and FlexDeploy have become accustomed to “Patch Releases” including significantly more than just defect or bug fixes. FlexDeploy 4.5.2 follows the same path, and includes many new features, usability improvements, plugin enhancements, and defect fixes. If you want the details, please review the Release Notes for FlexDeploy 4.5.2.   Here is a brief overview of features, plugins, and other enhancements which might be of interest.

Feature and Usability Enhancements

  • Advanced pipeline and release management enhancements to the features delivered in FlexDeploy 4.5.0. Examples include improving visibility in duplicate file management, dynamic project management as part of the release snapshot process, and usability improvements related to utility workflows which are used during release execution.
  • Improvements to plugin management by increasing automation of plugin administration.
  • ServiceNow integration enhancements related to the approval/request process.
  • Notification framework improvements, whereby messages such as emails include additional contextual detail to help developers and administrator troubleshoot issues.

Plugin Enhancements and Fixes

  • Oracle MDS support for partial deploy, a core feature within FlexDeploy which provides flexibility when managing the build/packaging and deployment process.
  • New operations, enhancements, and fixes for Oracle plugins such as WebLogic/SOA/OSB/MDS, E-Business Suite, and Database.
  • New operations, enhancements, and fixes for open source and commercial tools such as Maven, JDBC, Perforce, Tomcat, and Ant.

If you’re new to FlexDeploy, give us a shout and we will be happy to give you an overview of our DevOps platform.

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