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FlexDeploy 3.0 to be Unveiled at Oracle OpenWorld

Flexagon to Launch New Version of FlexDeploy at Oracle OpenWorld

Flexagon FlexDeploy 3.0 – Automating the Enterprise

October 12, 2015 – Flexagon today announced it will unveil FlexDeploy Version 3.0 at Oracle OpenWorld. FlexDeploy significantly lowers project risk and complexity and accelerates the overall project lifecycle. FlexDeploy provides a comprehensive and integrated platform for managing the entire build, deploy, test, and release life cycle, enabling customers to capitalize on their investments faster and decrease cost and risk of delivering solutions based on Oracle Fusion Middleware, Applications, and Cloud. FlexDeploy 3.0 enhancements further improve the speed, quality, and cost of software delivery both on-premise and in the cloud.

FlexDeploy 3.0 Highlights

  • Oracle Cloud PaaS, SOA Cloud Service – Extending the existing support for Java Cloud Service (JCS) and Database Cloud Service (DB CS), FlexDeploy 3.0 makes it easy to deploy on the SOA Cloud Service. On-premise SOA deployments can be moved to the SOA CS with no changes to the FlexDeploy workflow or projects; simply a few configuration changes and FlexDeploy automatically deploys SOA Composites, MDS, OSB, and other artifacts to the SOA CS. The SOA and JCS instances can be brought up and down dynamically, driving optimized utilization of resources.
  • Oracle EBS Plugin – The EBS plugin automates deployment and migration processes for EBS Customization and Personalization such as OAF View Objects, Entity Objects, Page Objects, and Substitutions. All EBS object types are supported, which during the beta program has shown to provide significant cost reduction and improved quality of EBS changes.
  • Test Automation Framework & Test Tool Plugins – Automated testing is a critical aspect of software development and delivery, driving quality, cost, and speed to market improvements. A robust test automation framework is available in FlexDeploy 3.0, which incorporates tests into the FlexDeploy build, deploy, and release lifecycle. Tests can be planned and executed, and all results can be viewed and reported on. The new features make it easy to incorporate tests across environments, and cover functional and non-functional testing such as Unit, Regression, Performance, and Quality. Plugins for common tools such as JUnit and TestNG are included, and it’s also easy to integrate popular tools such as Selenium and SOAPUI.
  • Plugins – Additional plugins are included for WebLogic Resource Management, Maven, and Ant, extending the already broad support for Oracle Fusion Middleware, Applications, Cloud, and other platforms and tools.
  • Operational Efficiency and Choice – We continue to enhance the FlexDeploy Server to optimize operational efficiency and flexibility. Version 3.0 includes improvements for purging and archiving execution data, as well as support for running FlexDeploy on Solaris.
  • Usability improvements – Usability and great user experience is critical. Enhancements include automated project and application creation and configuration and the ability to attach meta-data to operations such as builds and deployments.

FlexDeploy Differentiation

FlexDeploy is a superior choice to manual or scripted deployment processes, including commercial products or open source tools, because it allows Information Technology teams to stop focusing on “the plumbing” – things FlexDeploy can automate – and invest their effort on more value-added activities.

  • FlexDeploy provides a comprehensive solution for build, continuous integration, artifact repository, test, and deployment – this provides the ability to execute the entire process without other third party and open source tools. No other open source or commercial product provides this broad and integrated solution. FlexDeploy is also an open platform, allowing integration with open source and commercial products, tools, and platforms.
  • FlexDeploy provides unrivaled content (plugins & integrations) for Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Applications, and Oracle Cloud – this eliminates manual activities and scripting, which other commercial and open source tools require.

For more information on what sets FlexDeploy apart from other open source or commercial products, please see our FlexDeploy Differentiators article.

About Flexagon

Flexagon provides high quality and cost effective products and services related to DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Cloud. Our FlexDeploy solution helps automate the software delivery lifecycle and improves the productivity, quality, and cost of software development and delivery.

 Dan Goerdt

[email protected]


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