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FlexDeploy 4.0 Fixpack 2 (4.0.2) Released

FlexDeploy 4.0.2 is now available! Similar to previous fixpacks, Flexagon focused on the continuous delivery of new features and capabilities while providing fixes to the existing product. This blog post briefly describes the enhancements as well as a summary of the smaller changes/fixes included within 4.0.2. 

Overall, you’ll see our ongoing investments tied to multiple tenets of the product. For example:

  • Comprehensive and Integrated: FlexDeploy is the only product on the market which spans Build/Continuous Integration, Artifact Repository, Deployment and Release Automation, and Test Automation. We continue investing in native support for many of these features to remove the complexity and cost associated with DevOps and Application Release Automation.
  • Open and Extensible: Integration to other tools and technologies in the software delivery lifecycle is critical. The new Perforce plugin provides integration to this popular version control product, while plugins for REST and XPath make it easier to integrate with other products/services via the robust workflow capabilities within FlexDeploy.
  • Unrivaled support for Oracle Technologies: The out-of-the-box support for Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware, Applications, and Cloud is broad and deep. This fixpack includes new features/plugins for Oracle MFT and utPLSQL, and enhancements to existing capabilities related to WebLogic, SOA, E-Business Suite, OBIEE, and more.

General Enhancements and Fixes

  • Added ProjectName groovy variable to FlexField validation script
  • Added PrivateKey groovy variable to Endpoint Defaults script
  • Added encrypted flag for plugin user inputs, which should allow for passing encrypted Workflow inputs to plugins as user input.
  • Fixed issue with overriding properties on a project for a named instance and environment

New Plugins

  • Perforce – Perform operations, such as checkout, export, and label
  • Oracle Managed File Transfer – Build and deploy MFT artifacts
  • utPLSQL – Execute utPLSQL tests and test suites using FlexDeploy’s test automation framework
  • REST – Execute external REST services (e.g. GET, POST)
  • XPath – Extract data elements from XML and JSON messages

Plugin Enhancements and Fixes

  • Oracle Business Intelligence –  Added support for sourcing RPD and Presentation (Web) Catalog from an SCM such as Git, Subversion, Perforce, etc.
  • Oracle SOA – Added support for SOA
  • WebLogic
    • Added support for properties and system properties on Datasources
    • Added support for migratable targets on JMS Queues
    • Fixed issue where connection to Admin Server or Node Manager was failing if using SSL and the DemoTrust key store
    • Fixed issue where Admin Server stop operation failed if it was started manually using WebLogic scripts 
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
    • Added EBS as a source type for building OAF personalization files
    • EBS Program Files deploy command is now generated without .prog extension in symbolic link
    • Fixed issue where SQL file executions were failing if the script contained an exit statement
    • Fixed issue where SQL Loader source property was ignored
  • JDBC – Better handling of SQL/PLSQL comments
  • File – Added operation for performing string replacement within files
  • Git – Updated version validation check to support versions with alpha-numeric characters
  • Oracle B2B – Fixed issue with 11g classpath configuration

Whether you are new to FlexDeploy or a long-time customer or partner, we look forward to your feedback on the contents of 4.0.2 and suggestions for how FlexDeploy can improve your end-to-end software delivery processes.

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