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New FlexDeploy plugins for Oracle Cloud IaaS and PaaS!

There is a lot of promise and value with cloud based solutions, from improvements in business agility, to lowering the cost and complexity of managing IT environments. At Flexagon, we are enabling FlexDeploy customers to capitalize on cloud opportunities via extensive plugin support for the management of cloud infrastructure/platform provisioning, management, and deployment of applications.

Today, Flexagon is releasing the following Oracle Cloud IaaS and PaaS plugins for FlexDeploy:

  • IaaS – Compute and Storage Cloud Services
  • PaaS – Java Cloud Service
  • PaaS – Database Cloud Service
  • PaaS – SOA Cloud Service
  • PaaS – Application Container Cloud Service

The end-to-end lifecycle management within FlexDeploy provides a significant opportunity to exploit the cloud services in ways that optimize the speed, quality, and cost advantages associated with cloud-based environment management and utilization.  The FlexDeploy “Deploy Anywhere” mantra rings true for the vast array of deployment endpoints, whether they be in the cloud, on premise, IOT devices, or anywhere else that software needs to be deployed.

Through the use of the FlexDeploy plugins for Oracle IaaS and PaaS, businesses can quickly and easily stand up, manage, and tear down full-stack environments. The following highlights some of the benefits of using FlexDeploy in concert with Oracle Cloud IaaS and PaaS:

  • Drive business innovation and agility – quickly stand up and tear down environments, providing the ability to react fast when business opportunities arise, and speed to market is essential.
  • Improve utilization and lower cost of environment resources – in many cases, test environments are utilized during the core business hours only. On nights and weekends, most environments sit idle. Environment utilization and cost improvements can be significant, where you only pay for what you use or more effectively use a fixed set of resources.
  • Increase productivity – IT organizations can shift their focus from provisioning and maintaining environments to providing applications and solutions which address business challenges and opportunities.

Most business and IT leaders are looking to achieve significant improvements with how they deliver technology-based solutions. Today’s release of Oracle IaaS and PaaS plugins further strengthens the FlexDeploy DevOps and Application Release Automation platform, and improves the ability for customers to compete in the digital world.

Along with the new cloud plugins, Flexagon is happy to introduce our FlexDeploy and Oracle Cloud Series of blog articles and videos. These resources will highlight the plugins and explain in more detail how they can be used to improve the speed, quality, and cost associated with creating and managing Oracle cloud based environments.

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