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Best of Breed vs All-in-One

CDRA Platforms: Best of Breed or All-in-One?

Ready to automate your pesky manual tasks? Looking to release more frequently and decrease your time to market? Interested in…

Find Vulnerabilities in Your Websites and Web APIs with Acunetix

Security is an essential aspect in today’s development life cycle. Unfortunately, application security has usually been an afterthought, but not…

6 Tips to Select the Right DevOps Software

DevOps adoption is growing across businesses in all industries, mainly due to the wide array of benefits that DevOps can…

Flexagon webinar CI/CD for OIC and API

Webinar Review: Harness the Power of CI/CD for Oracle Integration and API Cloud

On August 22nd, 2019, Dan Goerdt presented a webinar on using continuous integration and continuous delivery for Oracle Integration Cloud…

FlexDeploy Loves Oracle API Platform blog series

FlexDeploy Loves Oracle API Platform: Series Overview

APIs are everywhere.  The API boom is upon us and Oracle doesn’t intend to sit this one out.  Oracle API…

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