FlexDeploy Loves Oracle API Platform blog series

FlexDeploy Loves Oracle API Platform: Series Overview

APIs are everywhere.  The API boom is upon us and Oracle doesn’t intend to sit this one out.  Oracle API Platform, released in 2017, is Oracle’s answer to API lifecyle management and provides everything you would expect from a typical API abstraction layer such as:

  • Direct integration with an API designer (Apiary)
  • About 2 dozen out of the box policies such as OAuth security and API Rate limiting
  • In depth analytics of API requests

We are excited to announce that FlexDeploy now offers robust support for Oracle’s API Platform.  In the coming posts we are going to walk through the core features of the plugin and discuss some API management strategies. We’ll be covering:

After reading through this series you will have an understanding on how to provision Oracle API infrastructure as well as several different approaches to managing your APIs via FlexDeploy.

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