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Integrate with GitLab for Issue Tracking

Issue tracking is a crucial piece in managing changes through the software delivery process. They provide an efficient way to…

Azure Git Repositories

Using Azure Git Repositories with FlexDeploy Blueprints

FlexDeploy allows you to search and select your Azure repos in Blueprints. FlexDeploy uses your Azure DevOps Username and personal…

Webinar Recap: Transforming FlexDeploy with Webhooks

The following is a summary of the information covered in the webinar: Transforming FlexDeploy with Webhooks. The on-demand recording can…

Webhooks Part I: Continuous Integration with Source Control

Does your current development process involve constantly going back and forth updating statuses between applications? Do your developers have to…

Spring into FlexDeploy 3.0 with Git & Maven

Maven makes distributing software easy with automated dependency injection. With FlexDeploy 3.0, the Maven plugin, and a Spring project, you…

FlexDeploy Git Plugin

FlexDeploy plugin for Git is now available. The Git source config plug-in enables one to manually or automatically import artifacts…

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