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Webinar Recap: Simplify Oracle Integration and API Artifact Deployments

Achieve Faster, More Reliable Business Outcomes with FlexDeploy 

Imagine a world where deployment of Oracle Integration artifacts and APIs was streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective. A world where the nightmare of managing API Gateway artifacts at scale was a thing of the past. Our recent webinar, delivered by Ash Owen on March 27, explored just that. We delved into how FlexDeploy can revolutionize your development processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. 

Automating Deployment of Oracle Integration Artifacts and API 

The key to efficient deployment of integrations and APIs lies in automation. It eliminates the need for manual exporting from one instance and importing into the next. The associated Integration connections, lookups, and libraries are sync’d automatically between instances. This automation reduces cost and risk and improves the quality and velocity of project delivery. 

FlexDeploy for Oracle Integration: A Comprehensive Solutio

FlexDeploy for Oracle Integration offers a comprehensive solution for pipeline automation and application release management. It can automate deployment of Oracle Integration artifacts, API gateway artifacts, and developer productivity through our Browser Extension. It seamlessly integrates with tools like Git, SVN, Jira, Postman, and ServiceNow, making it a one-stop solution for all your deployment needs. 

Addressing Challenges in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Integrations 

If you are a developer or an administrator, you will know the challenges that come with working with OIC integrations. From discovering all Integrations, Connections, and Lookups from an instance to managing different schedules across instances, the hurdles are many. 

The FlexDeploy Oracle Integration Cloud Plugin provides a solution. It makes managing integrations, connections, libraries, and lookups running in the Oracle integration cloud fast, easy, and consistent. Plus, it supports Oracle Integration Gen 2 and Gen 3 instances. 

Automating API Gateway Deployments with FlexDeploy 

Manually creating API resources, validating APIs, and creating API deployments can be tedious. FlexDeploy Oracle API Gateway plugin automates these processes. It builds and deploys API Specification to various Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) tenancies. 

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