Primary Blockers to DevOps Success

Most organizations have adopted DevOps, but only 2% of organizations believe they have achieved true optimization. That is, collaboration between teams improves, business outcomes are achieved, results are visible, and teams and individuals are recognized for the work that they do. Organizations do not always take the necessary steps for effective implementation. According to a recent survey of IT team members, success is delayed primarily due to the complexity of the environment and legacy technology:


IT/Product development staff state complexity of the environment


Tech Leaders state legacy tech

Don’t fail because you failed to prepare.

The Flexagon team specializes in helping customers overcome the complexities of enterprise systems and the vast, ever-growing toolchain used to support the process. Our Onboarding Consultants not only understand the technology but how to effectively assess your software delivery life cycle for rapid improvement. Invest now to set it up right the first time and avoid unforeseen obstacles that decrease your ultimate rate of return.

Choose the FlexDeploy Onboarding Service Designed for Your Business

FlexDeploy is a comprehensive, integrated DevOps platform that makes it simple for you to drive continuous innovation and deliver secure, quality software. Its powerful automation capabilities and integration with tools and technologies you prefer across the lifecycle eliminate manual tasks, accelerate time to market and free up engineering professionals to focus on value-adding innovations. The result is less cost, less risk and greater customer value.


$24,000, 3-Week Engagement

Be fully up and running in your unique environment within 3 weeks. As successful DevOps and FlexDeploy experts, your dedicated Onboarding Consultant works with your team to plan, scope and right-size the implementation. Through daily interaction and reviews, we help to:

  • Plan resource allocation needs to ensure your team is appropriately utilized
  • Assess current state and requirements to determine custom implementation needs
  • Guide implementation for build & deployment across test environments, which can be extended to higher environments after process validation
  • Lead future state design discussion and map into a CI/CD pipeline to achieve desired outcomes
  • Lead design for a CI/CD process which reduces latency and provides faster and more efficient time to market
  • Coach your team to ensure a quality implementation
  • Benefit from hands-on "train the trainer" approach to develop team "champions" who lead further adoption and get the most return from your investment


$48,000, 6-week engagement | $96,000, 12-week engagement

Companies with larger teams or wanting to avoid culture challenges and knowledge gaps across the IT, Product Delivery and Operations teams often leverage a more in-depth, highly valuable onboarding experience. Ensure quality execution and best practices, avoid unplanned issues, and deliver quicker. Your dedicated Onboarding Consultant is there every step of the way and will provide everything offered in JumpStart in addition to:

  • Hold daily and weekly review session with the team(s) to ensure alignment and timely delivery
  • Assess your entire software delivery life cycle (SDLC) and complete landscape for a full project scope
  • Help plan resource allocation needs to ensure your team is appropriately utilized
  • Determine all environment set-ups and custom implementation needs
  • Work with your team to establish an end-to-end CI/CD pipeline from Dev through Production
  • Assess third-party tool chain integration needs and collaborate to incorporate into an effective CI/CD pipeline.
  • Automate the integration process for no latency and automatic advance
  • Conduct a 3-hour live, interactive formal training session delivered directly from subject matter expert(s) with a complete view of FlexDeploy within your environment, tailored, operational how-tos and key trouble-shooting scenarios and advice

Customized Training

Cost and timeframe dependent on scope

Whether it’s training as part of an initial or expanded FlexDeploy implementation, or training for FlexDeploy newbies, Flexagon is here to help. We customize training which can be delivered remotely or in person. The FlexDeploy learning curve is low, allowing us to get your team up to speed in a few hours to a few days. Expertise can be established quickly and effectively, without the need to consume lots of hours or spend lots of money.


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Custom consulting services to meet your unique needs.

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