The Program

What is the Flexagon Beta Program?

The Flexagon Beta program lets users test pre-release software. The feedback you provide on quality and usability helps us identify and fix issues to make FlexDeploy even better. Your feedback also provides a chance to help shape the development of the products, by discussing feature requests and other ideas within the group, while the product itself is still under development.

We run our beta tests in small private groups. This gives our testers a great opportunity to discuss their ideas and feedback with each other as well as with members of the development team.

When does the Beta Program run?

The FlexDeploy 6.0 Beta Program will run from July 1 – August 2, 2022. It will include a kick-off meeting and sneak peek demo, three Office Hours sessions, and a final pre-launch demonstration of FlexDeploy 6.0. Meeting dates are as follows with official invites to come:

Date Activity
July 1, 2022 E-mail with software availability for testing
July 4-8, 2022 Upgrade Period – Flexagon support available
July 11, 2022 Kick-off meeting/Sneak Peek Demo
July 19, 2022 Office Hours: 30-Minute Feedback Session
July 26, 2022 Office Hours: 30-Minute Feedback Session
August 2, 2022 Office Hours: 30-Minute Feedback Session
August 2, 2022 Final Deadline for Feedback
September 14, 2022 Pre-Launch Demo/Roadmap

What is expected of me as a participant?

FlexDeploy 6.0 was designed from customer requests to deliver a more modern, intuitive approach. The goal of this Beta program is to ensure it meets your high standards. As such, we are looking for your feedback. To that end, we will ask you to:

  • Upgrade to FlexDeploy 6.0 in your non-production environment ahead of the program kick-off
  • Attend the kick-off meeting
  • Attend Office Hour sessions to provide live feedback and raise any questions or concerns
  • Remain active and provide ongoing feedback based on your experience as you use FlexDeploy day-to-day
  • Complete participant survey
  • Attend the pre-launch demo

How will you gather my feedback?

We will provide several channels to gather your feedback.

  • Live feedback will be gathered during regularly scheduled Office Hours.
  • You can send Beta performance-related feedback such as defects, usability concerns, or performance issues to [email protected]. Please send the log immediately after the problem occurs. We’ll pass these issues to our engineering team and try to address this as soon as possible to guarantee a seamless Beta test experience.
  • If you have any user interface or user experience related feedback such as new suggestions or usability enhancements, please collect the feedback while testing and address it during the Office Hours, send it to [email protected] or use the Beta Feedback link in FlexDeploy (accessible via the User Menu.)
  • You will receive a final participation survey to provide your feedback on the Beta Program.

Do I have to pay a fee to join the program or pay for software?

No. Both the program and software are free under your existing subscription.

What kind of compensation do I receive for testing?

This program is voluntary, and there is no compensation for your participation.


What is the upgrade process?

Upgrade instructions, along with the software download link, will be provided by July 1st. You will have access to Flexagon team members to assist with the upgrade as needed.

Will I need to upgrade my production environment?

FlexDeploy 6.0 should be installed in your non-production environment only for the duration of the Beta program.

How can I get support if there’s a problem during the Beta program?

Submit any Beta performance-related feedback such as defects, usability concerns, or performance issues to [email protected]. Please do not use the FlexDeploy support process to report issues with the Beta software.

How do I restore a previous version of FlexDeploy if needed?

Backup and restore procedures will be included in the upgrade documentation.

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