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Deploy Automation

The key to continuous delivery and competitive advantage.

Go from Testing to Production without Human Touch

Deployment automation—moving software between testing and production without human intervention—is at the heart of continuous delivery. By eliminating manual intervention and configuration, software changes can move to a production environment faster and more reliably, allowing for rapid and regular delivery to customers with less risk of human error.

Eliminating manual build and deploy processes allows teams to push more updates and releases and spend more time on innovation.
Automation reduces wait times and facilitates more frequent releases. Feedback data is timely and ideal for innovation, rapid improvements, and issue resolution.
A software delivery process with frequent releases, consistent feedback and improvements, and swift error corrections is poised to react quickly to changes. The IT team is agile and can adapt to industry shifts.
Automation frees highly skilled individuals to work on higher-value tasks that are critical to the business and more fulfilling to them.
Teams have access to project status and know what is being deployed in each environment. Increased visibility across the software delivery pipeline means even fewer errors and delays.

Simplify Deployments, Providing Consistency and Visibility Across Complex Environments.

FlexDeploy automates deployments to any environment for rapid testing and improvement, delivering the software businesses need faster.

Accelerate deployment timelines

Create fast, repeatable, and automated processes that streamline deployments across environments. Eliminate time-consuming manual and scripted steps.

Automate deployments

Use out-of-the-box plugins for Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and other key business platforms, services, and tools. No complicated scripts necessary.

Reduce complications and errors

Deploy only what’s needed to any environment, including cloud infrastructure and platform services, containers, middleware, and databases. Easily restore a previous state if there’s a problem.

Improved Deployment Speed by 5x While Decreasing Deployment-Related Errors

“I wanted to get the Starkey development team out of the business of writing and updating scripts and custom forms to support code deployment….FlexDeploy provides the streamlined, repeatable, and controlled delivery processes that we were looking for. Exactly what we needed.”

Rob Elliot

Senior E-Business Suite Developer
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