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Plugins and Integrations

Support for Your Unique Delivery Pipeline

Want to deploy EBS CEMLIs, pulling code from Git, incorporating a ServiceNow approval, and running tests via OATs? We’ve got you covered.

What about deploying Salesforce changes, integrating JMeter tests, updating a Jira ticket, and sending out a notification upon completion via Teams? Check, check, check and check.

What have you got? Give us a challenge!

FInd Your Tools

A Comprehensive, Integrated Approach to DevOps

When we built FlexDeploy, we set out to build a complete DevOps solution focused on three broad areas...

Robust platform capabilities

anchored in Build Automation, Continuous Integration, and an Artifact Repository. On top of that foundation is Deployment Automation and Release Orchestration, with security and visibility features throughout.

Out-of-the-box support

for enterprise software platforms, or COTS, which address the complexities within ecosystems like Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP.

Toolchain integration

so customers have flexibility and choice to leverage their existing investments while taking advantage of FlexDeploy’s built-in platform features.

All the Ways to Connect


Flexagon has created out-of-the-box support for hundreds of technologies. We offer a library of plugins – technology-specific modules which encapsulate the complexity of performing build and deploy operations – to replace time-consuming and costly manual and scripted processes. We also offer integration with tools across the delivery lifecycle, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their pipeline into one common platform. It’s these out-of-the-box plugins and integrations that allow users to deploy their Salesforce changes while incorporating external tests, approvals, and notifications, all from one platform.


Webhooks can be used to trigger actions in FlexDeploy based on events happening in other applications, eliminating some manual actions. They are a way for a packaged or cloud application to let another application know something has happened.

You could setup a webhook to build a project immediately after a push occurs in your SCM. Or you could create a ServiceNow incident when a workflow fails. FlexDeploy’s model offers flexibility in what you can accomplish with webhooks, meaning the only limit is your creativity.

Rest APIs

FlexDeploy is exposed with an extensive set of REST services, allowing inbound communication from applications and third-party tools in the toolchain. This enables powerful DevOps integrations such as initiating build requests from links in a Slack message or initiating deploy requests from workflow transitions in Jira.

FlexDeploy also enables invoking REST APIs exposed by other applications or third-party tools. This enables integrations such as updating a ServiceNow change request from a pipeline step, removing manual steps from the DevOps lifecycle.

Plugin SDK

FlexDeploy has a great selection of plugins and integrations that meet many use cases, and there is almost always a way to complete any task via a Shell or Python plugin.

For the builders among us, there’s also a plugin SDK. With the Plugin SDK, Flexagon allows customers and partners to develop plugins to meet any need. The SDK is IDE-agnostic, meaning you can build a FlexDeploy plugin using Eclipse, JDeveloper, or any Java IDE of your choice.

Tell us about your integration challenges.