FlexDeploy is DevOps and CI/CD for Oracle APEX

FlexDeploy's APEX Plugin

Database and APEX developers must evolve to embrace DevOps for developing, testing, and deploying APEX and supporting database changes. Developers need no longer struggle with the concept of a central repository for storing, reviewing, and deploying code.

FlexDeploy’s automated build, continuous integration, and deployment, along with out-of-box support for Oracle APEX, Database, and other supporting technologies changes all of that, so don’t get left behind. Developer productivity will increase while allowing organizations to achieve DevOps best practices quickly.

Key Features for Oracle APEX

  • Automate deployment of ORDS, EBS, Fusion Applications, and other code and configurations
  • Integration with tools like Jira and ServiceNow
  • Integrate with test tools like utPLSQL and PMD
  • Create full CI/CD pipelines in minutes
  • Traceability of changes across environments

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