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FlexDeploy is DevOps and CI/CD for Oracle APEX

FlexDeploy is DevOps and CI/CD for Oracle Database and APEX

Are you struggling with the concept of a central repository for storing, reviewing and deploying APEX applications, including Oracle Database changes and REST Data Services (ORDS)? 

FlexDeploy is a powerful DevOps platform that enables developers to streamline and automate CI/CD workflows for Oracle APEX and Database. 

FlexDeploy simplifies the development and delivery process, saves time, and increases efficiency. With its native support for APEX applications, Oracle Database objects, and REST Data Services, FlexDeploy empowers developers and DBAs to deliver innovative solutions, extend SaaS applications, and enhance existing Oracle E-Business Suite implementations. 

FlexDeploy offers powerful Technology Automation Plugins for Oracle Database, Oracle APEX, and ORDS 

  • JDBC 
  • Oracle Database 
  • Oracle APEX 
  • Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) 

FlexDeploy features for Oracle Database and APEX

  • Automate the deployment of APEX applications
  • Simplify the promotion of database objects
  • Native support for Oracle REST Database Services
  • Streamline CI/CD workflows and release pipeline
  • Plug and play DevOps toolchain
  • Improve developer and DBA productivity

So why wait? Learn how you can streamline development processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency by automating the migration of APEX applications, pages and supporting database objects. 

Learn how FlexDeploy can be the hero at your organization.