FlexDeploy for OIC and APIs

CI/CD and Release Orchestration for Oracle Integration Cloud & APIs

Tired of manually deploying integrations and APIs? Sick of syncing OIC connections, lookups, and libraries?

Get rid of the limited delivery lifecycle management built into OIC and APIs and shift to more agile, high quality, and cost-effective software delivery.

This paper show how FlexDeploy incorporates CI, CD, and Release Automation to...

  • Increase speed and quality of deployments by automating processes and eliminating manual steps and scripting
  • Create consistent and repeatable change processes
  • Increase visibility and responsiveness via real-time dashboards and reports
  • Host all your technologies, including Oracle, non-Oracle, and open-source, on one central platform

Download the whitepaper now to see how FlexDeploy can do all of this for you!

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