Maximizing Toolchain Flow in IT Value Streams by Gartner®

DevOps toolchains are changing.

In the report "The Future of DevOps Toolchains Will Involve Maximizing Flow in IT Value Streams", Gartner dissects what is to come for DevOps toolchains and how organizations should prepare for success.

The Gartner 2019 DevOps Survey findings reveal that 72% of respondents use between five and 35 toolchains for their DevOps efforts. Seven percent of respondents report between 51 and 100 toolchains*. With this great number of toolchains, several results are inevitable including bottlenecks, hindered productivity, low employee morale and dissatisfied customers.

For this reason, DevOps toolchains are changing and are no longer simply the adoption of CI/CD tooling. These systems are now focusing on innovations that maximize the flow of IT value streams.

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