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Solution Overview

FlexDeploy for Oracle Fusion Apps

Elevate Your DevOps to the Cloud

Oracle Fusion Cloud applications provides an enterprise with a complete suite of products with best business practices which are applicable across different industries. This results in standardization and cost-saving benefits. The adoption of Oracle Fusion Applications has picked up significantly in the past few years, and Oracle has provided multiple paths to Fusion applications adoption as part of a customer cloud journey.

Whether you are migrating from an existing environment or already managing software delivery in the Cloud, FlexDeploy for Oracle Fusion Applications allows you to accelerate software delivery and take advantage of continuous integration, automated testing and security scanning. With FlexDeploy you will have a smooth adoption and rapid implementation of Fusion Applications by overcoming the cumbersome and tedious challenges that slow you down.

  • Automate Fusion App build and deployment workflows
  • Easily support your DevOps Toolchain
  • Reduce security and compliance risks
  • Optimize software delivery performance

FlexDeploy for Oracle Fusion Applications increases your operational efficiencies, automates configuration changes in your delivery processes, and reduces security and compliance risk.

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